Parrilla Grill M 702 Wood Grill , Santa Maria Grill


Parrilla Grill M 702

Grill:  35″ x 21 3/4″ + 16″ Fire Basket

INSTALLATION:          Masonry.

MATERIAL:              Stainless Steel 304,  carbon steel fire basket

GRILL SYSTEM:          Grill with manual height control

Parrilla M 702 Line Drawing

Download Parrilla M 702 Spec Sheet


Wildwoods Parrilla Grill M 702 series of grills features traditional Argentine grill design. This Wood Grill  grill series  is designed to be installed in a site built masonry structure giving the Architect the option to create a very unique and stylish installation.

With six grill sizes available we are sure to have a size for every space. When you want the authentic Santa Maria Style Grill experience you want Wildwood. Since 2002 we have been delivering the ultimate grill experience for chefs the world over.

This series features an open style fire burn basket made of high carbon steel. Wildwood also offers this with an option of a stainless steel burn basket.

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