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Milano Wood Fired Oven

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The Milano is one of our most popular pizza ovens and is suitable for 80% of people looking for a wood-fired oven for their home. This style is the number one choice when installing on raised wood floors, or metal stud framework. This high-performance wood fired oven has separate chimney attachment points which allow for flexibility when venting, lending itself to an already easy installation process. Its charming and traditional arch shaped door opening enhances the Milano’s visual appeal.

Our pizza ovens are lightweight due to use of the most modern refractory elements available. Our hearth pieces are already inset with refractory firebricks, speeding up the installation process. These pizza ovens can be assembled in 60 minutes or less. Our unique patented parabolic dome design is superior to flat-topped, imported pizza oven or hand-built brick ovens, because it allows the flames to roll around the dome for quick heating, therefore reducing wood consumption.Advantages over the traditional brick construction:

* Simple– oven kit can only be assembled one way
* Fast– total of 6 pieces assemble in less than 1 hour!
* Guaranteed Results– the shape of the dome is preset to Neapolitan pizza oven standards
* Maintenance Free– there won’t be any loose bricks to repair with our oven kits!

Internal Height: 17″
External Height: 20″
Internal Diameter: 33″
External Diameter: 42″
Mouth Height: 10.25″
Mouth Width: 16.5″
Weight: 441 lbs

– Easy to assemble pieces
– Fiber insulation blankets for improved performance
– Built in hearth fire bricks
– Uses 6 inch chimney pipe complete Solution (not included in kit)
– dependable support team to answer assembly/construction questions

Kit Includes:
– 4 Dome Pieces
– 2 Hearth Pieces
– Tubes of Fireplace Mortar
– Fiber Insulation Blanket
– Steel Oven Door
– Instruction manual (PDF Download)

Wildwood offers INSTALLATION SERVICE for ovens! Let us do, what we do best! Contact customer service at 1-800-579-2797 for more information.

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