Milano Wood Fired Pizza Oven


Professional Grade Capable of temperatures in excess of 2300 F Degrees
Bake up to 4 Pizzas at a time. Pizzas cook in 60- 90 seconds.
Certified safe for indoor or outdoor use
Made In America and includes our 25 Year warranty

Internal Height: 17″
External Height: 20″
Internal Diameter: 33″
External Diameter: 42″
Mouth Height: 10.25″
Mouth Width: 16.5″
Weight: 638 lbs

Milano Specifications
Milano Information Sheet
Milano Installation Instructions


Wildwood has set the gold standard since 2002 with our Milano wood fired pizza oven. Our Milano professional wood fired oven kit will perform exceptionally well under the most demanding conditions, whether you install it indoors or out,  at home or in your restaurant. All our ovens have the perfect parabolic shape and exact dome to door cavity ratio. Our traditional arch door opening creates a strikingly beautiful design.

All Wildwoods wood fired oven kit are designed and manufactured for high performance.
All ovens can withstand temperatures in in excess of 2300 F Degrees. Wildwood makes it easy to build your own pizza oven. You know longer have to waste valuable time sorting through brick pizza oven plans, or looking for a competent builder. Many homeowners install our ovens themselves. We offer the perfect DIY solution. Want a pre-assembled oven? We have you covered! Contact us to discuss how we can make your plug and play oven that is as unique as you!

Wildwoods  Milano wood fired oven has a  unique patented parabolic dome design and is superior to flat-topped, imported pizza ovens or hand-built brick ovens. Our computer designed shape and laboratory heat flow testing has allowed us to manufacture the best wood-fired pizza oven on the planet. All dome pieces interlock and overlap for a positive strong and foolproof fit, this makes our oven exceptionally reliable when used on mobile platforms such as trailers and mobile catering ovens.

The  Milano wood-fired oven includes our revolutionary hearth pieces which are pre-tiled with purpose made FOOD SAFE hearth tiles. This innovation accelerates the installation process. These pizza ovens can be assembled in 60 minutes or less. They take the hassle out of building a brick oven, by simplifying the process.  We believe you should spend less time building your oven and more time cooking with it!

Oven kits offer a way to install a perfectly engineered wood fired oven kit while having the ability to customize it to harmonize with your home and surroundings. Since 2002 our ovens have been delighting professional and home chefs. We offer metal stands and many options for oven enclosures. Just attach backer board and clad with cultured stone, thin brick, plaster or tile.

The Milano wood fired oven perfectly shaped dome coupled with our insulating refractory material allow our professional grade ovens to operate on a higher level than any other pizza oven.

Use Wildwoods wood-fired pizza oven kits. They are lightweight due to our proprietary modern refractory concrete which incorporates our revolutionary “HEAT PILLOW TECHNOLOGY” is cast into to our oven dome pieces and act as tiny sponges to trap and store heat for extended periods of time. This allows us to reduce mass and weight. Our easy to assemble indoor or outdoor pizza oven kits are backed by our 25-year warranty.


Need Help? Give us a call we are always happy to help. Our sales team has over 20 years experience with indoor and outdoor oven projects.

Wildwood offers INSTALLATION SERVICE for ovens!  Let us do, what we do best!

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Weight 350 lbs

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