Santa Maria Grill 70″

Santa Maria Grill – 70″  Professional Grill

Dimensions: 70 x 40 x 64″ H

Grill Width: 44″

Fire Box / Smoker: 16″ w x

Weight: 1823 Lbs

Cut Sheet Santa Maria Grill

Santa Maria 70 Line Drawing

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Wildwoods Santa Maria Grill 70″ with Brasero / Smoker / Oven

is a Profesional Grade wood-fired grill that incorporates a Fire burn box that can double as an oven and smoker. This feature gives the chef more flexibility to bake, roast, and smoke meats all on one grill.  The fire burn box or brasero includes 4 removable stainless steel racks and an adjustable damper. When the damper is closed, the chamber will hold the smoke in to impart smoke flavor to the meats. The firebox can also roast items, such as rack of lamb,  chicken, and more. Now consider this, let’s bake bread by inserting baking tiles (optional) onto the racks.

This grill is a chef’s dream! Inspire your chefs to achieve the highest level of culinary magic by giving them the best tool for the job.

A Santa Maria Grill that does MORE!

Flexibility is everything in the kitchen, and this piece of equipment BRINGS it HOME!

The grill area is a large area of 40″ wide and uses stainless steel V groove grates to Chanel fat and drippings away from the fire in true Argentine tradition. Grease is collected into a removable drawer for easy disposal.

BBQ base can be stainless steel or sexy black; specify at time of order.



Additional information

Weight 2500 lbs
Dimensions 78 × 40 × 70 in