Wildwoods offers a complete line of Authentic  Brazilian BBQ skewers. We make it easy to prepare Brazilian BBQ at home or your restaurant. The Brazilian style of BBQ (churrasco) is prepared by skewering large cuts of choice meats and slowly rotating them over hot coals while the flavor of each cut is preserved. We offer a wide selection of all types of Brazilian skewers. Our skewers are designed to cook every type of meat.  Skewers for poultry and game birds, primal cuts such as beef ribs, top sirloin, and rib eye roast. We also carry specialty basket skewers for split chickens and carousel skewers for mini kebabs.


Our whole chicken skewers are a  5-prong style, which holds the chicken securely in place, leaving no room for error, While our basket skewer is great for split-half chickens.  The basket skewer is also great for many other meats as well as vegetables, just use your imagination.

See Our Skewers in Action