Pizza Oven Stand

Wildwood is the pioneer and leader of pre-made pizza oven stand and pizza oven enclosures. Our socially distanced and off-site pre-fabricated solution is the perfect solution for a support structure for your wood-burning pizza oven. Made from welded 16 Gurage tube steel this system makes sense. If you have an existing concrete patio or wood deck, Just place this lightweight but extremely strong metal pizza oven stand in place. This is often the only logical solution when installing our oven inside your home on a raised floor or outside or for that matter on a wood deck. More often than not if you’re installing a new oven outside on your concrete patio there is no need to dig footings and build a masonry structure.  Just place our stand and assemble your oven on top.

Off-site fabrication means fewer construction workers on your property, and no sand and concrete block dust and debris to deal with. Say no to construction fatigue. This is a perfect solution for the DIY homeowner. Simply place the stand and oven enclosure and cover them with stone, tile, or plaster. Our Pizza oven stands can be ordered bare or covered with backer board and elastomeric coating, This coating is a premium waterproofing layer that will prevent moisture infiltration. Just specify at the time of order. A popular option is our corner pizza oven stand, as corners are the most effective use of oven space.

The Wildwood outdoor pizza oven stand is the smart choice when you are looking for a simple, fast, and efficient solution for wood-fired oven construction.

These are also great for use on a trailer or food truck. Take the show on the road with less hassle. We also offer a line of complimentary oven enclosures for all our oven stands.