Outdoor Kitchen Products

Outdoor Kitchen Appliances

Wildwood allows you to bring the best of the indoor kitchen outdoors. Our line of durable and elegant Outdoor Kitchen Appliances and components create a functional and enjoyable kitchen with all the creature comforts of your home kitchen. Wildwood proudly sells the Premium  Twin Eagles line of built-in outdoor kitchen accessories, as well as the Delta Heat line of budget-friendly outdoor kitchen accessories.  We only list the Premium line products on our site. The style is incomparable. The clean styling of controls and door handles makes this an obvious choice for the discerning homeowner.  The fit and finish are unbeatable. The reason we specify Twin Eagles Grills for a particular project is due to the durability of the grills and accessories, as well as the warranty Twin Eagles stands behind. With projects near the ocean moisture and saltwater in the air, Twin Eagles are outdoor kitchen island products that always are the best option for these locations.

When Wildwood Designs specifies an outdoor kitchen project, is  With our 18 + years of experience behind us, we first go over our customer’s wants and needs. Every customer is different, including the size of their backyard, types of food they cook, how many people they usually cook for, and their location. This will give us a perspective of what we are able to design and what we aren’t able to finesse.

The elements we look for in our products consist mainly of design and durability. As a locally owned and operated Outdoor kitchen fabricator, we take pride in our products and go by the motto, “If we wouldn’t put it in our own backyard, we don’t carry it.” The elements we look for when planning and designing an outdoor kitchen are based on the wants and needs of each customer. For example, some enjoy smoking their food, and some want an ice maker accessory. We lay out all the options and products and design from there.

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