Argentine Grill Combo Parrilla


Argentinean Grill Combo 78–   (Shown With All Options)

Overall Dimensions: 78 x 32 x 66″ H
Parrilla 39 ” Width  x 24 ” Depth
Brazilian Rotisserie 30 x 18 x 26 ” H
Lateral Skewer 36 ” L
Folding Shelf 78″ X 10″

Argentine Grill Line Drawing


Make BBQ Exciting Again!

Bring a little samba and tango to your next BBQ and watch your guests’ taste buds dance. Wildwoods Argentinean Grill Combo Parrilla -Rodizio Is a Parrilla married to our Churrasco Rodizio BBQ.

This fire grill is the trifecta of grilling. With 3 distinct grilling methods onboard, the chef will have the ultimate tool to fuel creativity.

What’s Old is New Again!

Combining two age-old traditions in one grilling system is what makes this wood-ironed grill highly desirable.   It does not get better than this! Ideally fired by lump charcoal, this grill uses a manual parrilla grill lift system with removable V grates made of High Carbon Steel. Our standard model includes a parrilla lift grill with 3 height adjustments and a lateral rotisserie.

The upper area over the Argentinean Grill Combo Parrilla -Rodizio section contains a spit for roasting baby lamb, sucking pigs, and whole chickens. The lateral skewers are also great for making Souvlaki, the famous Greek roasted skewers recipe, and can also be adapted to making Al Pastor-style meats.

A Carnival for the Eyes!

The Brazilian Rotisserie section provides you with numerous rotating skewers to create a visual impact of roasting meats. A true feast for the eyes! This showpiece is great for open kitchens where the chef can entice the dinners with the action of meats cooking in all directions and many styles.

Quality is Everything.

This unit is clad in 304 stainless steel and features stainless steel skewers. The Brazilian rotisserie grill section will accept any of our 10 specially designed skewers. Check Out Our Skewers Now

The grill shown has all our options, including a folding shelf with cutouts to hold nine pans, a glass side panel to block wind while allowing viewing of the meats, and a lateral skewer. We can increase or decrease the number of Brazilian Churrasco skewers, as well as the size of the Argentinean-style parrilla. To customize your own grill, talk to one of our experts today!


Watch the Argentinean Grill Combo Parrilla video on Youtube here.

Additional information

Weight 1800 lbs
Dimensions 85 × 40 × 70 in

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