Charcoal Fired Brazilian BBQ 320 -20 Skewer with Fire Burn Box

Charcoal Fired Brazilian BBQ 20 Skewer

Fuel Type:                  Charcoal

Capacity:                 20 Skewer ( Suitable for 50 seat restaurant)

Dimensions:            60 ” x 32 x  65′ H

Fire Burn Box :        16 ” wide

Weight:                     1500 Lbs

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Wildwoods Wood Fired Grill Brazilian BBQ 320 series 20 Skewer with Fire Burn Box is our classic charcoal Churrasqueira or churrasco grill with an included Brasero. This design is very useful because you have a designated area to burn raw charcoal before moving the embers into the cooking area, thus preserving the flavor of the meat without adding too much perfume from the charcoal.  Our other models without this feature mean you need to burn the charcoal in an area with no meats directly above.  When dealing with a dinner rush hour this can be problematic, as you now have an area of your grill with nothing cooking.


This professional charcoal-burning fire pit grill is the gold standard of Brazilian steakhouses using charcoal. Double-insulated firebox retains heat and reduces charcoal consumption. All firebox areas are double-insulated to retain heat and lower the consumption of charcoal fuel. External surfaces are clad with 304 stainless steel, which is easy to clean and maintain.

There is nothing like grilling meats on a charcoal fire grill,  the flavor is hard to surpass.  The self-basting action of having the meats rotate at a perfect speed creates meats that are succulent moist and tender.  If you are looking for the classic Rodizio charcoal-burning BBQ this is it. Available in sizes up to 80 skewers. his grill is the gold standard of Brazilian steakhouses using charcoal and wood. Double-insulated firebox retains heat and reduces wood and charcoal consumption.

Wildwood has over 10 different types of skewers to compliment this grill, Visit Our BBQ Skewers Page for our complete offering. Our 5-prong skewer is popular for whole chickens and our basket skewer perfect for fish. No matter what you need to cook we have a skewer for the job.