Gas Rotisserie Grill 20 Skewer

Gas Rotisserie Grill 20 Skewer

Dimensions: 37 x 27.72 x 45.75″ H

Weight:  292 Lbs

Heat  Source:  Infrared Burners-  ( 6 ) @ 9000 BTU ea.

Voltage: 120 – 220 Bi-Volt motor runs on 50/60 Hz

Gas Rotisserie 20 Skewer Line Drawing





Putting a Spin on BBQ Since 2002

Wildwoods Gas Rotisserie Grill 20 Skewer is great for fast-casual restaurants, catering, and residential home use. Create a stunning display of succulent meats rotating and self-basting to perfection; all skewered individually and openly for guests to see. Variety is the spice of life, and we have skewer for whatever you have in mind. From whole chicken skewers to fish basket skewers, Wildwood has you covered.

This 20-skewer gas rotisserie grill is designed to sit on a table. A typical commercial equipment table of 27- 30″ tall is typical for a professional kitchen or catering environment. We recommend dropping it into a 36″ high island counter for home use as the best way to create a clean, built-in look. This grill is ideal for catering as it is easy to transport, does not create smoke, and does not require messy charcoal. There is no need to deal with ashes and hot coals. All drippings are collected in the lower water bath chamber, making cleaning easy. Just empty the water from the collection drawer after use.

Go’s Where No Other Grill Can.

Place this grill on a cart with wheels, and you are off and running.  Poolside parties, beach parties, yacht parties, you get the idea. Many Hotels and rooftop venues will not allow live fire and smoke, so this grill is perfect.

Simple to Operate

Our gas rotisserie grill 20-skewer model is easy to operate for even a novice chef. As you know, cooking with live fire is a skill that takes years to perfect; this grill eliminates the live fire learning curve completely, allowing the proprietor more latitude when selecting a cook. There is no waiting for charcoal; turn it on and start cooking. This will save countless hours of valuable time on easy clean-up.

This grill can be fueled by natural gas or propane; specify your fuel type at the time of order.




Additional information

Weight 420 lbs
Dimensions 48 × 48 × 48 in

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