Rotisserie Parrilla Combo

Features 11 skewer Rotisserie with Parrilla Grill

Overall Dimensions            51 x 31 x 67″H

Parrilla Dimensions            20″ Wide

Rotisserie Dimensions      30″ Wide

120 Volt Rotisserie

Custom Sizes Available


Wildwoods Rotisserie Parrilla Combo Grill allows the chef to create the best BBQ. What an  amazing grill, it  features our award winning rotisserie combined with out manual parrilla grill. As a result, now you can have meats self baste in their own juices on our spit roasting system, and have a grill for preparing  rib eye, and T bone steaks or thin cuts of meat like skirt and flank steak. And not only does this grill perform beyond your expectations, It looks good doing it!

Our rotisserie parrilla combo grill is a real wood / charcoal fired grill for the authentic flavor of South American grilling. Another great feature is we have added a shelf in front that holds containers for marinades and seasonings.

Available in custom sizes. Contact us with you special project. Since 2002 we have been making the best parillas in the marketplace. Our products are used worldwide by the leading restaurants, hotels, and fine home builders.