Chicken BBQ for the Restaurant

Professional Chicken Rotisserie Grill

Measurements:  70 x 41 x 65″ H

Fuel:      Charcoal

Electricity: 120 or 220 ( Specify at Order )

Chicken Grill Line Drawing

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The Ultimate Chicken BBQ for the Restaurant.

Wildwoods Charcoal chicken roaster is perfect for creating the authentic Piri Piri chicken adored in Portugal and many other countries.

But here at Wildwood, we will be the first to tell you, to use your recipe to make magic in the kitchen!

In Hawaii, they call this “Huli Huli ” chicken, which is round and round.  Our motorized rotisserie does all the work, and allows the chickens to self-baste, creating a mouth-watering succulent flavor that is hard to duplicate any other way.  The automatic rotisserie makes it easy for the Chef to obtain perfect results day and night.

Wood Fired Grilling Done Right!

Create the ultimate smokey wood-fired BBQ chicken everyone loves!

Fired By Lump Hardwood Charcoal this grill features a removable ash collection drawer, making cleaning easy.

Our Large grill baskets can accommodate 1-3 chickens depending on the size, and the charcoal roasted flavor sears them to perfection.