Santa Maria Style Grill Modular Professional Wood Fired Grill

Santa Maria Grill  Modular Professional Grill
Modular Grilling System

Modular Grill Sizes – 24″ – 74 Inches. See Specifications
Modular Fire Box Sizes – 19- 32″
Santa Maria Specifications


Wildwood’s Santa Maria Style Grill Modular is a large format professional wood-fired grill.

This modular grill system allows for easier shipping of a large multi-grill system. Premium quality combined with a thoughtful and pleasing design aesthetic makes this grill something you want in the front-of-the-house open kitchen at your restaurant. Or make a statement at your home!

This grill is based on a modular design concept, which means grill size and firebox sizes have quite a few options. Overall grill sizes for the Santa Maria grill range from 27″ – 74 Inches wide, and  Fireboxes sizes are available from 19″ 31″. Typically the larger the grill area the larger the firebox. Since this is a modular system the grill can grow, as your restaurant grows.

Our grill elevation system for this model uses the traditional Santa Maria Style Grill side-wheel winder and a robust stainless steel chain to hoist the grill. Our stainless chain has none of the shortcomings of wire cable.

Each grill section is designed

Options are everything

From folding shelves that can hold 9 pans or 6 pans, to removable ash drawers and lower storage bays for firewood and charcoal the chef can customize the grill to meet his or her needs.

Exterior finishes are available in  304 Brushed Stainless, steel, black stainless steel, and various colors. Custom branding logos are also an option.

Grill grates are available in Carbon steel or Stainless steel and can be either V groove or solid round bar. Specify at time of order.

Lateral Rotisserie

A very cool add-on to this grill is our lateral rotating spits. These give the chef another creative option to roast suckling pigs, Souvlaki, lamb, porchettas, chickens, and more.  Just let your imagination run wild! Wildwood has you covered.

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