Argentine Grill


Wildwoods Professional Argentina Style Grill- Wood / Charcoal Fired

Argentine BBQ Grill Insert:

Overall Dimensions: 55 x 30 x 44″ H

Fire Lighter:    13.5″ Wide

Grill Area:  34.5 x 29.5

Argentine Grill Line Drawing



Tradition Refined

Wildwoods  Argentine BBQ Grill is the traditional style grill in Argentina and most of South America. Our refinements include Stainless Steel a structure for durability and ease of maintenance. Standard to our Argentinean style grill is a sloped stainless V-groove grill, with a grease collection tray. The forward slope assures minimal grease will fall into the coals, and channel to the included tray. This system preserves the flavor of the meat, without adding the grease-laden smoke perfume flavor, so common in amateur grilling. The parrilla grills are removable for easy cleaning or storage when not in use. All grill areas feature an upper stationary grill, an excellent area for cooking vegetables and resting meats.

In short, when considering an Argentinean grill for sale, look no further! We have been producing premium wood-fired grills for Over 20 Years.

When style, quality, and performance matter…

Wheels in Motion

Wildwoods Grill features a precise grill elevation system. This system uses a front-wheel winder with advanced helical gearing to elevate the grill. This wheel winder attaches to the grill with Stainless Steel Chain for unsurpassed strength and durability.

The Heart of our Argentine Grill

The heart of our system is the Brasero, Fire Lighter.  This area allows you to burn wood to create cooking coals. The key to authentic grilling is burning your charcoal or wood to the proper stage before moving the coals under the grill area. This gives your meats and vegetables the best cooking temperature and flavor. Wildwood stocks premium charcoal for use in your grill Premium Charcoal 



Additional information

Weight 700 lbs
Dimensions 65 × 36 × 48 in