Fogo de Chao BBQ Pit (Fire on the Ground) Show BBQ

Fogo de Chao Ground Pit Show BBQ

Skewers                           5 Rotisserie skewers
Fuel Source                       Charcoal / Wood
Exterior                          48 inches
Base Height                       24 inches
Height total:                     75 inches
Fire pit diameter:           18 inches
Fire pit depth :                  12 inches
Length of skewer:            40 inches

Dowload Specifications For Fogo De Chao GP5


Inspired by the Gauchos from the pampas region of South America where the cattle roam freely to eat the native grass.
They are tended by the Gauchos who had the tradition of roasting meat on a wooden spear stuck in the ground around and open campfire.  Wildwood is keeping this tradition alive with our Fogo de Chao BBQ Pit.

Literally translated Fogo de Chao  means  ” fire on the ground”. This BBQ is used to slow roast primal cuts of beef ribs around a central wood fire. Each of the 5- 40 inch long skewers rotates independently for perfect even cooking. A drip pan at the base of each skewer keeps things tidy. Skewer cross arms are fully adjustable to accommodate any cut and type of meat. Just  close your eyes and visualize for a moment.

Imagine a roaring fire surrounded by skewered lamb shoulders, Beef Ribs, suckling pigs and more, all rotating in perfect harmony. Watch as the fire master adds wood to the fire and massages the hot embers. See how he lovingly baste the meats. Learn as he meticulously showers the meats with finishing salts and spices and herbs. See the flames gently kiss the meats.
This could be you…

Made from 304 stainless steel this is the BBQ used by some of the largest Brazilian steak houses worldwide.  Our Fogo de Chao BBQ Pit is typically placed in the front of the house to entice customers and set the tone for what is to come. Visually stimulating, our BBQ will wow your guest and creates an atmosphere unparalleled in modern restaurant design.

Roastimes time averages 6 hours. The slow roasting process allow the ribs to give up the right amount of fat while caramelizing  the exterior to produce what we call “beef candy”.  You will be hard pressed to find better tasting beef ribs than those cooked in this way.


See WIldwood’s ground pit in action in Fogo de Chao on Facebook.



Additional information

Weight 890 lbs
Dimensions 72 × 60 × 36 in