Brazilian Gas BBQ for the Restaurant

Brazilian Gas BBQ for the Restaurant


FEATURES : Infrared Burners for top down cooking.
Water bath in base to collect dripping and fat.
Predictable consistent results.
Gas Cabinet Instruction manual


Wildwoods Brazilian Gas BBQ for the Restaurant is high performance Brazilian churrasqueira.
Our Brazilian Rodizio Gas BBQ is very easy to use and requires none of the skills of working with live fire.

The top mounted 9000 BTU burners provide consistent and precise heat that is spread evenly across the cooking area. The top gallery closest to the burners is great for getting a quick sear on the meats, before moving them down to lower 2 gallery’s.

Dripping and grease are collected in the water bath area below the grilling zones. This water bath also produces a bit of steam which helps keep meats moist.

When done cooking for the day, simple turn the drain valve in the lower compartment and the water will flow into a kitchen floor sink. To refill the water bath simply open the water fill valve. This equipment requires a water line connection and a drain line to a floor sink.

This Brazilian Gas BBQ grill does not produce any smoke, and unlike a charcoal grill there are no messy ashes to dispose of and no bags of charcoal to store that take up valuable space in your kitchen.

The flavor of meats cooked on this grill is a very pure flavor, where  the natural taste of the meats, spices and marinades come through.

When is comes to ease of use this grill is the perfect choice. Simply turn on the gas, push a button and your burners ignite,  You can add meats immediately. No waiting for the charcoal to get to the right consistency .

Common sizes range from 36″ to 96″ , and all are typically placed under type 1 hood with 6 inches of overhang on each side.

Each gas valve controls 2- 9000 btu burners.  Minimum  gas line connection is 3/4 ” and most of our larger machines require 1″ gas pipe.

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