Argentine Grill

Parrilla Grill 72 Authentic Argentine Parrilla Grill

Measures 72 x 39 x 79″ H

Weight 1544 Lbs

Folding Shelf
Ash Drawer
9 Pan Cut Out
Enclosed Side Walls

Parrilla 72 Line Drawing


Argentinian Style Grill with Burn Basket

Wildwoods Argentinian-style grill is the ultimate live-fire grill. Features front wheel grill elevation system, central burn basket, and OPTIONAL folding shelf. Other options include; Closed sides, ash drawers, custom paint colors. Ideally placed in open-style kitchens, this is a showpiece grill for the chef who demands the best-in-class grilling experience at an approachable price.

Our Argentinian barbeque grill is professional-grade and suitable for restaurant or home use. The gearing action on the wheel winder is smooth and precise. Our patented stainless steel helical gear system has smooth action. The elevation system uses stainless steel chain and brass bushing inserts for durability. The fire box contains refractory fire bricks and an insulated access door to keep the operator cool.

Built entirely of 304 stainless steel
, this wood-fired grill is durable as well as stylish. When you want to grill Gaucho style this is the way!

This Asado grill, our 72″ model includes a central burn box for making your own coals from hardwoods. Additionally you can burn lump charcoal. The fire basket uses massive 1 1/4″ solid steel bars to elevate the wood and allow the charcoal to fall through the grates. The fire basket bars are removable and adjustable to control the size of the charcoal falling through to the grilling areas. Once the coals fall through the chef rakes them into the desired position.

Directly in front of the burn basket is a searing zone grill area. The grill is stationery and removable. This area is good for a skillet or sauce pan cooking, or just getting a quick hard sear on a piece of meat in a small controlled area. Wildwood also offers an optional griddle plate for this area.

The optional folding shelf can include cutouts for a standard nine pan, which we like for salts and basting sauces.

The whole system is constructed on heavy-duty casters for ease of movement.

Download Argentine Grill 72 Technical Specifications Here

Watch the Argentine Grill 72 video on Youtube here.

Additional information

Weight 1700 lbs
Dimensions 80 × 45 × 75 in