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Gas Catering Unit


Take the show on the road with Wildwood’s mobile Brazilian Churrasqueira units. Top mounted infrared burners and grease collection system facilitate easy cleaning.


Each unit features a rotative system, constructed with durable cast iron gears and a shielded speed reducer, for increased control over rotating foods. Our Brazilian barbeque units are designed to cook numerous cuts of beef, chicken, sausages, ribs, fowl, and game meats. Spits rotate constantly, allowing the meats to self-baste. These units do the work for you!

Typical fare on a Brazilian Barbeque: Cross cut beef ribs, rump steaks, sirloin, tri-tip, lamb, riblets, chicken legs, turkey breast, quail, rabbit, sausage, and linguica.

Technical Specifications:
Bronze bushing
Steel tappets
Driving chain
Stainless steel bolts and screws
Side arms in 304 stainless steel
Gallery to hold skewers on a slow cooking position
Skewers are supplied along with the equipment.
Ease of mobility
Built-in Brake system

All-terrain tires for easy mobility over rough surfaces
Manufactured from 304 stainless steel
Motor 1/4 HP 110 or 220VO (50-60HZ)
Includes one set of skewers
2.250 k/cal infrared burners create virtually smoke free cooking
Gas valves. with fine adjustment (each valve feeds 02 burners)
Provided with oil/grease collector
Fueled by either natural gas or propane (specify at time of order)
Optional side burner available

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