Parrilla Grill 60

Wildwood Makes installing the ultimate Argentine Parrilla Grill simple. This plug and play model will role into to your restaurant in minuets and be ready for service. If your looking for the ultimate Parrilla Grill for your home this is it. This Parrilla requires no masonry construction, just place and cook.

304 stainless steel construction
60 W x 38 X 74 H
Weight 1279 LBS

Professional Parrilla Cut Sheet

Parrilla 60 Line Drawing

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Parrilla Grill

Wildwoods Parrilla Grill 60 is our entry-level wood-fired parrilla grill. Building on the tradition of Argentinean-style grilling, our parilla 60 will be the focal point of your kitchen. This grill features 304 Stainless steel construction and an insulated fire box and front  loading fuel door.

Removable V grate grills are made of carbon steel and channel away excess fat to minimize flare ups.
All drippings and grease are collected in the removable stainless steel  trays.

Our parrilla 60 features helical geared grill elevations system with stainless steel chain. Our chain lift system is robust and will stand the test of time compared to cable type lift systems.

The raise and lower action is smooth and precise. This grill includes 4 removable dual V grates and and dual zone grills with separate elevations, for increased versatility.

Wildwood includes 4 grill suspension hooks that can be positioned anywhere along the top channel. These hooks are great for suspending foods such as braids of garlic, onions, tomatoes on the vine, sausages, for slow cooking and and to entice your dinners.

Let your imagination run Wild… WILDWOOD has your back!

Typically located in open kitchens where guest can view the action of the chefs making magic.

Create a show of authentic South American style BBQ with the flavor of real wood charcoal that will surely have your guest coming back for more.

This Argentine Parrilla grill is easy to maintain and the stainless steel surfaces clean up easily and will always look good.

No matter what you want to cook this grill will do it!  Just use your imagination and let the grill be the canvas. If wood fired cooking is your passion, then do not deny your self. Life is short, this is the grill chefs dream of having, and the grill your guest want to see in action.
Check out our Parrilla Grill 60 video on Youtube Be sure to see our full line of Parrilla Grills here.

Additional information

Weight 1200 lbs
Dimensions 72 × 48 × 65 in