Pizza Oven Accessories

Wildwood maintains a complete line of wood fired pizza oven accessories to allow you to get the most enjoyment using your wood fired oven. Our convenient kits have all the basic tools you will need. While items like our TUSCAN grill rack and SUCKLING PIG PAN allow you to cook in your oven with more creativity.

When performing any work having the right tool for the job often means the difference between a successful result and a failed result.  This where Wildwood comes in. Our curated collection of  accessories for pizza ovens provide the chef with diverse tools to get the job done. Sometimes its our little often overlooked items such as out hearth mop.  This tool will remove the fine ash from the pizza oven hearth so you don’t serve an overly ash ridden pizza crust to your guest.

Some other accessories that helps chefs do a better job is our Topping Organizer . This product helps by organizing all your toppings together and close at hand. The clear flip top cover keep the  topping fresh while keeping it safe from flying pest.

Wildwood also stocks a line of professional pizza oven accessories. These tools are the ones typically found in pizzerias all over the world. The peels are often round and with perforations to allow steam to escape during the transfer of the pizza from oven to hearth.

Other professional accessories for pizza oven include our line of oven hearth brushes. These are soft horsehair bristles that do a great job removing fine ash that a typical brass oven brush would leave behind. Typical handle length is upwards of 60″ making them great for larger commercial ovens, that have an extended depth.  The handles are lightweight aluminum and make using the tool very easy.


  • Pizza Oven Accessories

    Grande Pizza Accessories Kit

    Wildwood makes it easy to accessorize with out convenient wood fired pizza oven. If you are just getting started with wood oven cooking, this a great kit for you! Every item in the kit has been selected by our culinary department as the “essential tools to have”.

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  • Wood Fired Oven Tools

    Pizza and More Accessories Kit

    Wildwood makes it easy to accessorize with out convenient wood fired pizza oven accessory kits. If you are just getting started with wood oven cooking, this a great kit for you! Every item in the kit has been selected by our culinary department as the “essential tools to have”.

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  • Tuscan GrilleTuscan Grille

    Tuscan Grill

    Tuscan Grill

    Measures:  22 x 12 x 3″ H

    – Made from 304 stainless steel

    Stainless Steel Tuscan Grill

    – Sled design will not scratch the hearth

    – A must for elevating pans for even baking and roasting

    – Includes large handle, for easy maneuvering

    – Dishwasher safe

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  • Pizza Oven Tools

    Basic Pizza Accessories Kit

    Wildwood makes it easy to accessorize with out convenient wood fired pizza oven accessory kits.
    If you’re just getting started with wood oven cooking, this a great kit for you! Every item in the kit has been selected by our culinary department as the “essential tools to have”.

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  • Fire Starter Squares

    Fire Starter Squares

    Fire Starter Squares

    QTY 144

    Available in individual boxes or case Qty

    Burns clean

    Easy Way to Light Pizza Oven Fire

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  • Pizza Oven Brush

    Oven Brush Natural Bristle

    Wildwoods premium pizza oven brush with natural bristle has a red anodized handle and a long brush that is ideal for pushing ashes to the side as you cook.

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  • Pig PanPig Pan

    Pig Pan

    When roasting large cuts of meat in your wood fired oven we suggest our  Pig Pan. This professional grade suckling pig pan is made to exacting standards From 11 gauge  304 stainless steel. A Wildwood original, this product also works as a Tandoor pan . Other uses include using it as a roasting pan in underground cooking pits. The large handles make it very easy to lower and raise.

    Dimensions: 24″L x 15″W x 3″D Weight: 20 lbs.


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  • waffle ironWaffle Iron

    Waffle Iron for Pizza Oven or Campfire

    Waffle Iron for Pizza Oven, Campfire or Cook Stove

    Cast Iron waffle maker

    Cast Iron For Even Heating

    2 Piece Design for Ease of Cleaning

    Pre Seasoned

    16″ Handles

    7″ Diameter

    Weight 5 Lbs

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  • Wok For Pizza OvenWok For Wood Fired Pizza Oven

    Wok For Pizza Oven

    Wok For Pizza Oven
    Overall Length – 36″
    Diameter – 14″
    Handle length – 22″
    Height –  5″
    Weight –  4 Lbs

    Material Carbon Steel Wok with Stainless Steel Handle

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  • Complete Wood Fired Oven Solutionoutdoor pizza oven diy

    Complete Wood Fired Oven Solution

    Wildwood makes installing a wood fired oven fast, easy and economical. When you want to build a pizza oven  and   Save money over traditional DIY Brick Pizza Oven like brick and mortar construction. Our system is the way to go. It sets up in hours, and is ready for your custom finish!
    Many design options available

    Give us a call. 323-202-7964

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  • Heat Stopper Board

    Heat Stopper Board

    Heat Stopper Board
    Measurements: 48 x 48 x 2″ (can be cut in half for easy shipping)
    Weight: 60 Lbs
    Improves oven performance 100% over non insulated oven hearths
    Uses: Over concrete oven shelf
    On top Of all Wildwood oven stands.

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  • Baking Tile

    Baking Tile

    Enjoy pizza that tastes like it just came out of a brick oven from the convenience of your kitchen or grill. Baking stone cooks pizza evenly without hotspots and helps uniformly brown and crisp crust. Our baking stones are perfect for cooking and reheating bread, pastries and baked goods.


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  • CHEETAH II Ash Vacuum Black

    A must have for indoor ovens. Dust free, eliminates residue typically associated with cleaning out indoor ovens.

    *Powerful performance from 6 amp motor for superior suction and extended life
    *Two Layers of Filtration: Protects against fire and filters the finest ash to keep your home clean and safe
    *You’ll be able to clean your stove multiple times before emptying the large capacity canister
    *Proudly made in the USA
    *Filters can be cleaned by agitating a rod on the outside of the vacuum
    *Effective for multi-use: pellet stove, fireplace, BBQ, coal stoves, biofuel stoves, pizza ovens, fire pits, outdoor ovens
    *Metal hose and canister and fire-resistant plastic components keeps your home safe
    *Patented dual filter system engineered to capture fine ash

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  • marshmallow tree

    The Marshmallow Tree

    Its time to s’mores some more’s with our marshmallow tree.  This whimsical design allows you to roast 10 yummy marshmallows at once, perfect for sharing and making friends!

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  • Glass Spice Jars

    Glass Swirl Spice Jar 6 oz.

    Creating the perfect pizza parlor experience at home is all about the details. Our cheese and pepper glass spice jars do just that. The package contains two jars one with slots and one with holes.

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  • Light Wood Pie Roller Rolling Pin

    Our all time favorite rolling pin. Simple, traditional design. Great maneuverability.
    Included in our signature pizza oven kits. Great for beginners learning to make pizza. A great option to hand tossed pizza dough. Will help you create the ultimate thin pizza.

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  • Best Pizza Cutter

    Pizza Cutter w/ 4 inch blade

    Our durable, stainless steel pizza cutter is perfect for cutting pizzas, pie crusts, pastry dough, flatbreads, and much more! A strong, rotary-style wheel is designed for effortless use and convenience.


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  • dough cutter

    Dough Cutter w/ Plastic Handle

    A very useful tool, not just for dividing dough. This tool can also be used for scraping your cutting board to remove excess flour or dough. Great for scooping up and moving chopped toppings. A must-have in your kitchen arsenal.

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  • pizza dough bubble popper

    Pizza Bubble Popper

    This tool has many uses. First and most obviously it can be used to pop the bubbles that form when baking a pizza in the oven. This tool is great for rotating and moving the pizza, and even works to help retrieve pots or pans that are deep in the oven.

    Pizza Dough Bubble Popper

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  • topping organizer

    Topping Organizer

    The secret to pizza making is being organized. Wildwood makes it easy as pie with this six compartment topping organizer. Fill with your favorite ingredients and top your pizza any way you like.

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  • Pizza Screen

    Pizza Screen

    Smart chefs know removing pizza from the oven and placing it on a pizza screen for one-minute yields a crispier crust by allowing the steam to escape from the dough.

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  • Aluminum Pizza Tray

    14 inch Aluminum Pizza Tray

    Take your pizza right out of the oven and onto this convenient coup aluminum pizza tray. Slice and serve your pizza with ease.

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  • pizza stand

    Universal Pizza Stand

    Add a little height to your presentation with these stainless steel pizza stands. Create more room on your table by elevating your masterpiece for all to see.


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  • pizza

    Pizza Peel Wood / Short Handle

    These wooden pizza peels are not only lighter in weight but they are lighter on the wallet. Save nearly 40% with these economy-priced models made in our best-selling  14″ sizes Each has a hole at the top for easy hanging.



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  • wooden pizza peel

    Pizza Peel Wood / Long Handle

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  • basting mop

    Basting Mop

    Hearth Mop 

    Material : Cotton & Wood

    Overall Length:         33″

    Handel Length:         22″

    Mop Head Length    10″

    Weight:                      1 lb

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  • Pizza Oven Brush – Brass Bristles

    The number one must-have tool for operation and care of your oven. Soft brass bristles gently brush away ash and hot coals from the hearth. Used for general fire management.

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  • Aluminum Pizza Peel

    Aluminum Blade Peel – 26″

    Wildwoods square aluminum pizza peel is perfect for personal pizzas or oven-baked sandwiches.
    A home cook works in a single small oven or a grill. Our square-headed peel makes the business of inserting and retrieving pizzas much easier.

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  • metal pizza peel

    Aluminum Blade Peel – 36″

    This tool is great for removing pizzas from the oven. We recommend this item to anyone purchasing our Toscano wood-fired oven, as the cooking chamber is much deeper than our other ovens.


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  • temperature gun

    Temperature Gun

    One of our top sellers. This infrared temperature gun will give you precise data so you can have perfect cooking results and not be incinerating foods. The compact design is simple to use and includes batteries and a plastic carrying case.

    This precision product offers laser targeting accuracy(12:1), enhanced back-lit LCD Display, and an expanded temperature range(-58° F to 932° F) and an accuracy of +-2%.

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  • Cowhide Insulated Gloves

    Insulated Cowhide Gloves

    Made of premium grain cowhide insulated leather. Wildwood Split Cowhide wood-fired Gloves Are Made Of Split Cowhide With Wing Thumb And Cotton Sock Lining. A must-have when working with the wildwood ovens. Genuine insulated cowhide gloves.

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  • Pizza Oven Door

    Pizza Oven Door Wood – Fired Oven Door

    Measures: 19″ W x 12″ H

    Material 11 G 304 Stainless Steel

    Weight: 8 Lbs

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