Pizza Oven Enclosures

Oven Enclosures

Wildwood is the leader in factory built  pizza oven enclosures. We produce numerous styles to fit all our wood fired oven sizes. Designed to work in concert with our pizza oven stand, the enclosure simply sets over the oven and is secured with bolts. Our enclosures simplify the construction process allowing you to complete a traditional oven installation in a few hours rather than days and days with a masonry system. Made of 16 gauge welded tube steel, our oven enclosures are designed to be finished on site with cement board clad with cultured stone, tile or plaster. They fit perfectly over our oven stands, or can be used over your prepared oven base. With 4 distinct styles we are sure you will find a design to compliment your project. We also do custom builds, for those that require something unique. Want a Custom Enclosure?

Pizza Oven Enclosures

We offer oven enclosures with a hearth shelf extensions built in. This is useful as it creates a 4-6″ resting and warming are directly in front of the oven door. The perfect area for waring pie or making smores, just let your imagination run wild…. Wildwood oven’s has you covered.

Our Capri enclosure main design element is steps. These create contrast and a place to put “props” such as cans of Italian tomatoes, or basil plants for that matter. For modern contemporary look check out our Minimalist  enclosure.  The simple square box design lends itself to large format tiles or a venetian plaster finish. If your looking for a design to hide a high chimney pipe check out out Toltec design. If you want lots of interest you may like our Pagoda pizza oven style enclosure.

So when your looking for a complete solution to get your oven up and running fast look n0 further. There is no other system out there that is as simple and easy to assemble and install.