Outdoor Kitchen Installation Items

Wildwood stocks a wide selection of pizza oven chimney pipe as well as an insulating material, fire bricks, baker tiles, high-temperature mortar, and more.

All our pizza oven chimney systems are extendable. Wildwood provides an end-to-end solution for pizza oven chimney pipe. These commonly include ceiling support hardware, rafter supports, finish ceiling trim rings, roof flashings, and more. We are experts in venting and can assist in all your needs.

Most outdoor pizza ovens use a 3′ or 4′ chimney system, Oven located under a patio cover usually need to rise above the structure 36″ .  Ovens located under covered areas need to be mindful of the pizza oven chimney cap needs to be min 10″ away from combustible materials, if you are not planning to vent through a roof.  Chimney systems are required to be suitable for solid fuel or what is commonly referred to as    ” All Fuel ” pipe.  Keep in mind all venting is governed by local codes and requirements and if you have questions just ask. Our knowledgeable sales team has the answers.

Pizza Oven Chimney