Wildwood Design Services Outdoor Kitchens

SITEPLANThe wildwood design department is staffed with experts who provide full-service planning and implementation of commercial and residential kitchen systems. Our designers will maximize efficiency and productivity by creating a functional and high performance kitchen layout, increasing your return on investment.

Wildwood maintains a large selection of affordable stock plans as well as custom kitchen designs. Wildwood’s oven design services offer a wide array of design features; Pizza ovens, BBQ’s, Counters, sinks, refrigerators, wet bars, beverage dispensers, wood storage, seating areas.

Our designs incorporate various options of finishes to give the client a preview of the look and feel for the space prior to construction. This assures a beautiful, well designed outdoor kitchen for the home or the restaurant!

Photo-realistic 3d kitchen design renderings enable you to see & feel how your layout will look before you build it.
From these detailed design drawings, contractors can easily prepare construction budgets.

sketch_perspective_WPFeatures of our design:

– a thoughtful, ergonomic kitchen design that considers the placement of the oven, BBQ, or Fireplace, food prep areas, refrigerator, beverage dispensers ( ideal for dispensing large amounts of a particular beverage), sink, wood/cookware storage, oven tool storage and ash/trash disposal

– sunshade and lighting scheme

– incorporation of green-scaping to promote farm to table lifestyle

– consideration of sustainable systems such as grey water collection and solar-powered equipment.

Having a kitchen designed is as simple as calling a consultant at Wildwood

Plan Modification
Our design modification service allows you to modify any of our kitchen plans to suit your family’s specific needs. Plan modification is fast, easy, & cost-effective, and will allow you to create your dream kitchen.