Fire Table Grill

Total width:                    56″

Grill Size:                         20″ W x 27 D x 8″ H

Rest Grill Height:        17″

Fire Box:                         16′ W x 23.5 D x 27.5″ H

Options:                        V Groove grill or round solid bar.

Firebox sizes 12, 16, and 24″

Custom grill sizes are available; contact us.





The Simplistic Approach to Grilling

Wildwoods Fire Table Grill is a simplistic approach to grilling. Designed to set into a masonry structure, elevated fire table, or Wildwoods factory-built fire table. This grill features a central fire lighter and left and right static grills. Each grill has an elevated rest grill area with removable grills. Burn your wood in the central fire box, and as the wood burns, the hot coals will fall through the wood rack onto the fire table hearth; then, simply rake them into the cooking area without the optional BBQ coal spreader.

Customizable Options Enhance the Wood Grill Experience

Our fire table grill can include carbon steel V groove grill grates, stainless V groves, or round solid bar grill grates in stainless or carbon steel. Fire-box / Brasero can be configured in sizes 12, 15, and 24″ wide. This allows the chef to control the charcoal output based on the grill size.

V groove wood grills have a pre-determined forward-sloping angle to allow grease to drain to the included drip tray. This prevents flare-ups from grease and allows the chef to cook in true Argentine style. This means no off-putting flavor from “grease-laden” smoke that clings to meat.

Our solid flat grill option is more in line with traditional grills and allows the use of pans and/or griddles.

But why settle for one when you have the best of both Worlds?  You can order this grill with one of each for total flexibility.

Make Your Own Charcoal

Save money on charcoal by burning your own wood to produce coals for cooking. Preferably fired by hardwoods, Our Fire Table Grill burn box can burn nut woods, fruit woods, hickory, and oak. This gives the chef another level of control when deciding the flavor profile they wanted on the grilled foods.

It’s All About the Grilling Experience!

Lighting the fire, watching it burn, interacting with the coals, and massaging and moving them into the exact amount and location needed to control the heat are joys professional wood-fired chefs enjoy every day. Now, Wildwood brings this grilling style to you and your grilling life, whether at home or in your restaurant.

Live life to the fullest!