Pig Roaster Rotisserie BBQ Grill

Pig Roaster Rotisserie BBQ Grill
Dimensions: 35 x 43 x 45″ H

Wood-fired rotisserie with 2 vertical rotating spits and one lateral skewer that is perfect for baby pigs, chickens, souvlaki, porchetta and so much more!
Let your imagination run Wild! with Wildwoods Primal BBQ Grill.

Primal Roaster Specifications


Pig Roaster Rotisserie BBQ Grill

Create a lasting impression at your next BBQ affair with Wildwoods Pig Roaster Rotisserie BBQ Grill.

This amazing wood-fired grill is a dream come true for the BBQ enthusiast. When you want to elevate your grill game to another level. This BBQ Roaster is a simple yet elegant way to entice your guest with a live-action BBQ show.

This Rotisserie BBQ grill is our modern twist on Gaucho grilling from the  Pampas region in Argentina. In this region, the Gauchos wood skewers large primal cuts of beef on wood stakes and sets them around an open fire on the ground.

Wildwood has captured this spirit of the old days with our modern roaster. Equipped with two vertical rotating spits and a lateral rotating skewer, the possibilities are endless. Some of the typical things we like to cook are whole beef ribs slow roasted for 6 hours. Other options could include baby lambs, roaster size hogs, as well as suckling pigs.

But the real magic happens when the chef takes this Rotisserie BBQ Roaster to international cuisines, such as Greek-style Souvlaki,  or Al Pastor! 

You get the idea.

We supply the grill, you provide the imagination!  Our mission has always been to give the chef tools that will expand creativity while making a visual impact with food.

Additional information

Weight 1800 lbs
Dimensions 45 × 45 × 60 in