Brazilian Gas BBQ with Parilla Lift Grill


Easy to Operate

Overhead infrared burners 9000 BTU each

Consistent Results

No BTU loss

33 Rotating skewers

24″   Dual Parilla electric lift grills for increased versatility

Additional sizes and styles available. Contact our sales dept


Wildwoods Brazilian gas BBQ with parilla lift grill is setting the standard once again. Wildwoods BBQ and grill combine the best of two cultures. Brazilian rodizio style BBQ with an Argentine parilla. This is a marriage made in heaven. Our style of  gas grill uses overhead infrared burners and cooks from the top down. The top row of skewers will cook the fastest and create a nice “hard sear” then you can move to any of the lower galleries to finish the meats.

Our parilla grill uses traditional angled  V grates which channel fats to the  grease collection tray in front of the grill for easy disposal. The Brazilian gas BBQ with parilla lift incorporates a separate parilla area, as well as one that is located in the rotisserie area. Just remove a row of skewers to allow the parilla to freely move up and down. Elevation of the grill is simply controlled by a switch, which allows any elevation to be achieved. Control over cooking is everything.  Order your grill and take control now!

This lower area of the grill contains a water bath where the  fats and drippings collect. This water bath area serves two purposes, first it makes clean up easy. Simply open the water valve to drain the waste water. A floor sink located close by is required. The next advantage of the water bath is that the water will become quite warm and produce steam which will keep meats moist.

Our Brazilian gas BBQ with parilla require a 1″ gas line connection. All our gas units can adapt to Natural gas ( NG) propane gas ( LPG) or butane gas ( BT)  Please specify at time of order.  In addition to the gas connection the machine will also require a water inlet connection for filling the enclosed water bath. The installation of a floor sink close the the machine is a good idea.  Floor sinks should be located no more than 72″ away from the unit.

For more information or a formal quote, please fill out our contact form and a member of our sales team will be happy to help.