Parrilla Rotisserie Combo Grill


Parrilla Rotisserie Combo Grill:  304 Stainless Steel 

Overall Dimensions:  54 x 24 x 21″ H

Grill Dimensions:       28 x 18″ – 3 Height Adjustments. Stainless Steel V Groove with Grease Collector Tray

Rotisserie:                   7- Skewers with Upper Rest Grill



Ditch the Gas Grill

Bring The Assado Steak Experience to Your Home and enjoy authentic grilling.

Wildwoods Parrilla Rotisserie Combo Grill Features a 3-position manual grill combined with our 7-skewer rotisserie grill.

Fired by charcoal, this grill is designed for a site-built masonry base. Wildwood also produces factory-built stands, with an insulated fire pit made with fire bricks. Constructed of 304 stainless steel, this simple grill looks great in any setting.

Put The Spin on Grilling

The combined 7-skewer rotisserie allows you to replicate the ultimate Brazilian Steak House Experience at home. Just think about the possibilities…

Visualize premium meats, beef, chicken, lamb, and pork slowly turning over a charcoal fire while self-basting, and being gently kissed by the occasional flame. This is such a great style of grilling!  Virtually hands-free cooking, the rotisserie does all the work, allowing you to converse with family and friends as they marvel at your amazing grill.

You are mastering the Brazilian grilling art of Churassco! Our incredible selection of skewers allows you to cook everything from large primal roasts to fish. Check out our selection here. SKEWERS

See the fly-around video Here.  Parrilla Combination Grill

Additional information

Weight 380 lbs
Dimensions 60 × 36 × 48 in

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