Argentine Combo Grill Drop In Model

Wildwood Argentine Combo Drop-in Grill

7 – Skewers – 12″ Central Fire Box and 23″ Parrilla Grill

Dimensions:   58 x 26 x 22″ H

Combo Drop-In Grill Specifications


Argentine Combo Grill Drop-In Model

Features the best of both Worlds. This residential grill combines our popular Brazilian rotisserie grill with our Argentine Parrilla grill to create the ultimate wood-fired cooking experience.  Wildwoods Argentine Combo Grill Drop-In Model incorporates a central firebox ( bracero ) to burn charcoal or wood to the perfect state for grilling. Once the charcoal is ready simply rake it under the grill and the skewer area to cook.  This grill also features a firebox with insulated fire bricks. This simplifies the typical building process encountered with wood-fired grills. The rotisserie side can include an optional tempered glass wind guard to keep the heat in while still allowing the food to be viewed from the side.

When it comes to installation into a countertop, the process only requires you to cut out the area to allow the grill to simply drop in. This makes for a clean sleek look, with minimal construction dust and hassle.

Bring the Brazilian Steak House Experience Home.

Wildwood’s rotisserie system allows meat to self-baste in its own juices to create the most succulent and juicy meats you have tasted.

All our Brazilian-style residential rotisserie systems use the same family of skewers as our professional restaurant grills. This means you have the ability to use any of our 10 different skewers on this equipment. Once you have this grill you may never go out for Brazilian BBQ again. Instead, you will be the life of the party. Imagine several skewers of meats, poultry, and sausages all rotating simultaneously… A carnival of meat and a treat for the eyes! This grill will be the focal point of your kitchen.

Parrilla Grill

Based on traditional Argentine style grills this V groove system uses a stylish front wheel winder to raise and lower the grill with precision. The grill is made from 304 stainless steel and includes a removable drip tray. Our lift system uses a premium stainless steel chain, NOT CABLES which are a cheap alternative used by others.

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Additional information

Weight 650 lbs
Dimensions 75 × 30 × 44 in