Brazilian Rotisserie with Brasero

Brazilian Rotisserie with Brasero

Constructed of 304 stainless steel
Designed to be built into new kitchens indoors or out
Requires adequate venting

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(11 skewer model shown)

Product Specifications


Brazilian Rotisserie Grill with Brasero

Wildwoods Brazilian Rotisserie with Brasero is an elegant way to capture the art of Brazilian BBQ at home. This model is designed to be installed into a site-built masonry structure.

Brazilian Rotisserie with Brasero is available in sizes from  5-17 skewers and 3 firebox size options. We are sure to have a model that will fit your needs.

Bring the Brazilian Steak House concept to your home!  Wildwood makes it easy to achieve professional grilling results in the comfort of your home. We have taken the robust features of our commercial-grade restaurant grills and re-imagined this for the consumer market.

Not Your Typical  BBQ grill

Our unique grills will fit seamlessly into your vision of creating the ultimate grilling experience at home. Just imaging the experience of hanging out with family and friends practicing and learning the age-old tradition of Gaucho-style grilling. The visuals of meats slowly rotating over hot coals while self-basting in the juices and fats are mesmerizing. An experience that will never get old.




Additional information

Weight 280 lbs
Dimensions 36 × 36 × 24 in