Brazilian Grills & Parrillas For The Home

Wildwood produces an extensive line of wood-fired Brazilian grills and Parrillas for both home and restaurant. Our product offering includes the popular rodizio Brazilian BBQ grill where meats are constantly rotating and self-basting over hot coals. This is the type of grill found in Brazilian steak houses around the world. Our line of Brazilian grills range from 5 skewers to 80 skewers and include the option of 2 or 3 galleries. A gallery is a level of laterally placed skewers. These grills can also be configured to include a burn basket also known as a braseiro, brasero,  or burn basket here in the states. Whatever term you use to describe it, from a chef’s standpoint it is Awesome! Let me explain why, this option creates a separate area to burn wood or charcoal, allowing the material to obtain the perfect temperature while burning off the harsh taste before placing it under the food grilling area.

Our Parrilla grills are available in several formats as well. Our newest line of grills, the M Series, C  series, and Santa Maria series range from 27 ” depth to 22-inch depth. This narrower footprint will be more in line with typical 24-inch deep kitchen base cabinets.  Architects love this design! They can now include this item in smaller outdoor areas.  Less space does not mean fewer features. These grills still incorporate professional features such as wheel-driven grill hoist systems with stainless steel chain, and fire burn boxes for making the perfects charcoal. These grills are also offered in lengths ranging from 20″ -39″. All are made from 304 stainless steel for maximum durability and hygiene.

Wildwoods selection of Combination Argentine grills is truly amazing! These models marry the best of features from our extensive line of grills into a single model. Such features as large lateral skewers,  Parrilla grills, and Brazilian Rotisserie grilling systems. Another common feature of our Argentine grill combos is the bracero burn basket. These Grills when placed in an open restaurant kitchen or at your home kitchen are a real showpiece. If you are passionate about grilling in many ethnic styles these grills are the ticket.  Some popular foods cooked on these grills are suckling pigs baby lambs, Greek-style Souvlaki, and so much more! Let your imagination run wild… Wildwood has what you need.

  • Santa Maria Grill – 71" Inch Professional GrillSanta Maria Grill Smoker Box

    Santa Maria Grill 70″

    Santa Maria Grill – 70″  Professional Grill

    Dimensions: 70 x 40 x 64″ H

    Grill Width: 44″

    Fire Box / Smoker: 16″ w x

    Weight: 1823 Lbs

    Santa Maria 70 Line Drawing

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  • Wood GrillParrilla C 672

    Parrilla 672 C

    Parrilla 672 C  Professional Wood Fired Grill

    Space Saving Alternative For Smaller Kitchens

    Dimensions:   63 x 27.5 x 33.5″ H

    Weight:  294 Lbs

    Material: 304 Stainless Steel

    Download Line Drawing

    Parrilla 672 Line Drawing


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  • Residential Brazilian Charcoal BBQ

    Residential Brazilian Charcoal BBQ RC11 Drop in Unit

    Residential Brazilian Charcoal BBQ RC11 Drop-in Unit.
    This unique grill does not require masonry and can be incorporated into traditional base cabinetry.

    Available Sizes- 7-9-11 Skewers

    Dimensions: 31″W x 33″ D

    Made From 304 Stainless Steel

    Voltage: 120v

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  • Combo Grill Drop InArgentine Combo Grill

    Argentine Combo Grill Drop In Model

    Wildwood Argentine Combo Drop-in Grill

    7 – Skewers – 12″ Central Fire Box and 23″ Parrilla Grill

    Dimensions:   58 x 26 x 22″ H

    Combo Drop-In Grill Specifications

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  • wood burning grillParrilla M 902 INS

    Parrilla 48″ Residential Wood Grill

    Parrilla 48″ Residential Wood Grill

    Dimensions: 47. 5 X 22 x 35″ H

    Weight:         174 Lbs

    Installation: Masonry or Wildwood Base Support

    What’s Included:
    V-grill with grease tray or round grate, on request. Top rest grill. Side brassero with stainless steel door for thermal insulation.

    Download Parrilla R 48 Spec Sheet

    Parrilla R 48 Line Dwg


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  • Santa Maria Grill

    Santa Maria Grill R 36″

    Santa Maria Residential Grill R 36″

    Grill 35″ x 21 3/4″

    Masonry Depth: 21-3/4″

    Material:  304 Stainless Steel

    Santa Maria Grill R 36″

    Santa Maria Grill R 36″ Line Drawing

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  • argentinian bbqParrilla Grill

    Parrilla Grill Insert Professional Grade

    Parrilla Grill Insert
    Grill Size 72″ x  32″ with 16″ Burn Basket
    Made from 304 Stainless.
    Includes removable V-shaped grills
    Meat hooks
    Drip tray to collect fats

    Parrilla Insert Line Drawing

    Parrilla Insert Spec Sheet

    Custom Options Available Call 323 255 6578

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  • Brazilian Rotisserie Grill

    Brazilian Rotisserie Grill 11 Skewers

    Brazilian Rotisserie Grill 11 Skewers

    Dimensions: 30 W x 25 X 16′ H

    120 or 220 Volt- Specify at time of order.

    Line Drawing RC 11 Skewer Grill

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  • Brazilian BBQResidential Brazilian Charcoal BBQ 7

    Residential Brazilian Charcoal BBQ 7 Skewer

    The ultimate rotisserie grill to have.
    Place over a site made BBQ pit or order one from us.

    23″ wide x 27″Deep x 17″ High

    Fuel Source Charcoal

    Voltage 120

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  • Brazilian BBQ

    Residential Brazilian Charcoal BBQ 5 Skewer

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  • Brazilian Churrasco BBQ Grill

    Residential Brazilian Gas BBQ Grill – 7 Skewers

    Residential Brazilian Gas BBQ 7 Skewer

    Dimensions: 26 x 28 x 30″H – 164 Lbs

    RG 7 Line Drawing

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  • Residential Brazilian Charcoal BBQ 9 Skewer

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  • Residential Brazilian Grill

    Residential Brazilian Charcoal BBQ 15 Skewer

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  • Brazilian BBQ

    Brazilian Gas Grill

    Brazilian Gas Grill 5 Skewer


    22 ” W X 25″ D X 30″ H

    Gas Types

    Download BBQ-RG-5 Specifications
    Natural Gas, Propane (LPG) Butane (BT)

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  • Brazilian Rotisserie with Brasero

    Brazilian Rotisserie with Brasero

    Constructed of 304 stainless steel
    Designed to be built into new kitchens indoors or out
    Requires adequate venting

    Wildwood offers INSTALLATION SERVICE for BBQs Let us do, what we do best! Contact us for more information

    (11 skewer model shown)

    Product Specifications

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  • BBQ Churrasaqueira

    Brazilian BBQ Churrasqueira Kit Module

    Constructed of durable 1″ tube steel, this pre-fabricated rotisserie module is designed to fit our 5-15 skewer BBQ rotisserie machines. Options include two storage drawers underneath for cooking utensils and charcoal,  or 1 ash drawer. This module comes with a built-in fire pit for your convenience. Choose a finish and start making   Churrasco!

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  • argentine parrilla grill for the Homeargentine parrilla grill

    Charcoal Parrilla Argentine Grill


    Charcoal Parrilla BBQ CP-DP 31
    31″ W x 27.5″ D

    Wildwoods-built in Argentine Parrilla Grill BBQ CP-DP 31 is a great alternative to American grilling.  Style and techniques borrowed from South America can now be yours. Whether installed indoors or out your grill will wow your family and friends.

    Line Drawing


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Brazilian Bbq Grills & Parrillas