Wok For Pizza Oven


Wok For Pizza Oven
Overall Length – 36″
Diameter – 14″
Handle length – 22″
Height –  5″
Weight –  4 Lbs

Material Carbon Steel Wok with Stainless Steel Handle


Wok For Pizza Oven

Wildwood’s Wok For Pizza Oven is another signature product. In our ongoing pursuit to provide the wood-fired oven owner an additional way to enjoy cooking in a brick oven, we developed this tool.  Made from carbon steel with a stainless steel comfort grip handle this Wok feels great in your hand. This is not like other Chinese woks.

Take advantage of high temperatures and fast cooking times with this professorial grade tool.  This pizza oven wok was born out of our passion for providing the cooks with more toys to enjoy their pizza oven.

Designed by Chef Michael Gerard, this tool allows the cook an alternative way to adapt an additional classic culinary technique to the wood-burning oven. Some of the foods we like to cook are, sugar snap peas, baby bok choy, and of course a staple here at Wildwood Asparagus. But as with any wok cooking whatever you have in mind will come out perfectly.  And we want to point out this pan is not just for stir fry. The high sides and 5″ deep bowl is great for deep frying appetizers and more.

Order our optional wok lid and now you can steam and saute. The wok lid is made from stainless steel and will stand up to the oven heat.

The high carbon steel content is what sets our wok apart from others. After you properly season your wok you are ready to get cooking.  Try deep frying after the initial seasoning to further enhance the pan’s ability to be nonstick. With use, it will be like the surface of your favorite cast iron skillets. Non-Stick.

See how we use the wok in the test kitchen See The Wok In Action


Additional information

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 36 × 16 × 6 in