Dough Cutter w/ Plastic Handle


A very useful tool, not just for dividing dough. This tool can also be used for scraping your cutting board to remove excess flour or dough. Great for scooping up and moving chopped toppings. A must-have in your kitchen arsenal.


Dough Cutter

Our Dough Cutter also known as a bench knife, board scraper, or bench scraper has as many and varied uses as its many names suggest. We’ve tested several over the years and favored this model with a steel blade and comfortable nylon, or plastic grip.

Used for scraping, trimming, or cutting the dough into smaller pieces, with deeply, beveled edges, which make it easier to dislodge sticky pizza dough from the counter and neatly portion off bread and pizza doughs. Our dough cutter tool model’s extra-long metal blade was an advantage for speedy cleanup.

This dustpan-shaped scraper scoops up diced herbs and vegetables in a snap and transfers them neatly to a pot, or bowl. Its textured polypropylene handle is just slender enough, making it easy to grasp and keep flat to the work surface for fast and efficient cleanup. Use this handy tool for your portable pizza oven.

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 5 × 3 in