Complete Wood Fired Oven Solution

Wildwood makes installing a wood fired oven fast, easy and economical. When you want to build a pizza oven  and   Save money over traditional DIY Brick Pizza Oven like brick and mortar construction. Our system is the way to go. It sets up in hours, and is ready for your custom finish!
Many design options available

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Build a Pizza Oven

Complete Wood Fired Oven Solution. Wildwood has simplified the oven building process with our complete wood fired oven solution. This system includes everything you will need to get your oven up and running in a matter of hours. Simply set the stand on your patio, assemble the oven, place the enclosure over the top. Now all you have to do is apply backer board and cultured stone, thin brick, tile or stucco. A diy brick pizza oven.

Durable 16 gauge welded tube steel create an extremely strong and lightweight option for installing your oven. A great solution to ovens mounted on wood decks or inside your home on raised wood floors. Another great use of our complete wood fired oven solution is for  Pre- existing patios.  No need  pour concrete footings and  foundations and block walls with our system. Simply set it in your desired location, anchor it in place and go!

The Wildwood solution makes focusing on the aesthetic aspect much easier by cutting out the in between dirty work of traditional old school building methods.

If you are planning  to build an outdoor kitchen from scratch and your contractor is wanting to build it out of concrete blocks, talk to us. Send us a copy of your plans and and let us give you a quote for our factory made system. Our system saves 50 – 70% space compared to block, installs in a matter of hours not weeks, and is generally half the cost of concrete block systems.

With the traditional construction process you can expect, workers coming and going at all times,  construction mess ,  intrusion of your home,  excess trash, dust, and general nuisance maybe a porta potty in the front yard, or worse.

With our complete wood fired oven solution you can expect one delivery of items. Generally a half a day to set up the system and assemble the oven and chimney. 1-2 days of of labor to apply the decorative finish.

The complete diy brick oven solution can also be non permanent, which means if you decide to move you can take it with you!

Get on board with SIMPLE today and build a pizza oven! Send us your plans and compare the cost and weigh the advantages.

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Weight 400 lbs
Dimensions 60 × 60 × 72 in