Waffle Iron for Pizza Oven or Campfire


Waffle Iron for Pizza Oven, Campfire or Cook Stove

Cast Iron waffle maker

Cast Iron For Even Heating

2 Piece Design for Ease of Cleaning

Pre Seasoned

16″ Handles

7″ Diameter

Weight 5 Lbs


Cast Iron Waffle Maker

Wildwoods Cast Iron Waffle Iron is a great way to cook delicious waffles in your wood-fired oven. This is a premium cast iron waffle maker that makes superior waffles. Just simply moves some hot coals to the front of your oven and spread them out evenly. Preheat your iron on the coals, grease with clarified butter and pour in your favorite batter, and place back on the hot coals.

You will be feasting on hot waffles in minutes. This is a great accessory to have in your wood-fired pizza oven tool kit. Make amazing dessert waffles after your pizza party.  This is a fun and fantastic way to get your kids interested in cooking. The waffle iron travels well.

Of course, this Waffle iron is also great to take camping. Use it in the campfire, or on your camp stove burner, either way, you are sure to achieve perfect results.

Additional information

Weight 8 lbs
Dimensions 36 × 24 × 8 in