Grande Pizza Accessories Kit


Wildwood makes it easy to accessorize with out convenient wood fired pizza oven. If you are just getting started with wood oven cooking, this a great kit for you! Every item in the kit has been selected by our culinary department as the “essential tools to have”.


Pizza Oven Accessories Kit

Wildwoods Grande Pizza Oven Accessories Kit contains the following items:

Pizza Accessories

1-Pizza oven brush, 40” handle
The number one must-have tool for the operation and care of your wood-fired oven. Soft brass bristles gently brush away ash and hot coals from the hearth. Used for general fire management.

2-Hearth Mop, 27”,100% cotton
A necessity for fine ash removal left by the oven brush. Use prior to launching pizzas and bread. Also good for general hearth clean-up (use slightly damp.)

3-Pizza bubble popper
This tool has many uses. First and most obviously it can be used to pop the bubbles that form when baking a pizza in the oven. This tool is great for rotating and moving the pizza, and even works to help retrieve pots or pans that are deep in the oven.

4-Standard wood peel 14”x15”x24”
Number one tool for launching pizza and bread products onto the hearth. Made from high-quality North American Hardwood. Fits all Wildwood door openings.

5-Pizza Elevation stand
Create more room on your table by elevating your masterpiece for all to see.

6-Aluminum Blade Peel
This 12 ” metal pizza peel is perfect for personal pizzas or oven-baked sandwiches. Also comes in handy if a pizza gets stuck to the hearth.

7-Glass swirl spice jar (2)
Perfect for crushed red peppers, oregano, pizza seasoning, and grated cheese.

8-Pizza Tray
Take your pizza right out of the oven and onto this convenient coup tray. Slice and serve your pizza with ease.

9-PIzza Cutter Wheel
This large pizza cutter with a 4ich blade and plastic handle glides through pizza with ease.

10-Pizza Screen
Remove your hot pizza from the oven and place it on this screen for a minute or so and ensure that your crisp crust stays crispy and flakey.

11-Topping Organizer
Pizza making is easy as pie with this six compartment topping organizer. Fill with your favorite ingredients and top your pizza any way you like.

12-Light wood dough roller
Our all-time favorite rolling pin. Simple, traditional design. Great maneuverability.

13-Dough cutter with plastic handle
An excellent tool for bread and pizza dough making. Doubles as both a cutter and a scraper for cleaning off the cutting board. Great for transferring chopped food items.

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Additional information

Weight 19 lbs
Dimensions 36 × 18 × 6 in