Tuscan Grill


Tuscan Grill

Measures:  22 x 12 x 3″ H

– Made from 304 stainless steel

– Sled design will not scratch the hearth

– A must for elevating pans for even baking and roasting

– Includes large handle, for easy maneuvering

– Dishwasher safe


The Tuscan grill is another of Wildwoods signature accessories for the wood fired oven. Light enough to slide in and out of the oven with ease due to the sled style designed grill support, which  will not damage your hearth.

This Tuscan grill rack has an easy to grasp handle and is made from heavy 1/4 inch solid stainless steel round bar. Electro polished to food grade standards,  this versatile grill can also be used in your fireplace or over a campfire.  This is the essential tool for grilling and roasting. Achieve steakhouse quality results right in your wood fired oven! Also great for grilling vegetables.

A must have for your wood fired oven. This is one our most popular products. It allows you to get maximum use out of your oven. Great for grilling and roasting meats for authentic “Steak House” results. Make delicious roasted vegetables.

A must when baking pies, cakes, deep dish pizzas. The Tuscan grill rack allows air to freely circulate around the food for even cooking. This system of cooking takes advantage of the convection air current in your oven, by lifting the food off the hearth.

Grill sliced vegetable and create beautiful markings for a nice presentation.

The best tool to use with a sheet pan. When cooking vegetables a simple delicious way is to place all your prepared and lightly oiled vegetables on the sheet pan and elevate it on the Tuscan grill. This allows the oven heat to surround the sheet pan for even roasting with perfect results.

Moderate the cooking time by how much hot coals you place under your food.

This is such a great tool, no oven should be without.

Length: Length 20″  Width: 12” Height: 3″

Check out the Tuscan Grill at work here.

Additional information

Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 14 × 4 in