Dual Fuel Yakitori & Robata Grill 24 For Restaurant


Wildwoods Japanese Yakitori Grill is a Premium NSF-certified grill for demanding use. Made in the USA, this grill allows for the use of charcoal and gas.

External Length: 27”
External Width: 15”
External Height: 12” plus 4″ legs, 16″total
Grill Length: 18”
Grill Width: 6”
Grill Depth: 4.5”

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Yakitori Tabletop Grill

Wildwoods Yakitori Table Top Grill is made to create authentic  Tokyo BBQ and more. These high-performance and stylish grills will look great in your restaurant or home. Typically fired with traditional Japanese Kishu Binchotan Komaru for fuel, we incorporate a dual-fuel feature that increases versatility for the chef. Our dual-fuel Japanese Yakitori tabletop grill allows for both charcoal and gas cooking. Lighting the charcoal is quick with the built-in gas burner! Simple to use and easy to clean. The bottom tray catches fat and ashes.

Wildwood, the leader in Japanese-style yakitori and Robata grills, is setting the standard with our hybrid yakitori grill. Our dual-fuel Yakitori tabletop grill 24 cooks with both charcoal and or gas. Lighting the Binchotan charcoal in our authentic Yakitori grill is simple with the built-in gas burner. If you want to cook with charcoal, turn off the gas after igniting it. The Charcoal ignition takes 10-15 minutes, and no more using separate charcoal starter pans.

Authentic Robata Grill

Another option is to use only ceramic briquettes. Additionally, we have a selection of elevation racks of various designs to allow even more control. See our accessories section for more options. Easy to use and clean. A removable tray catches drippings and or ashes. Our burners are setting new standards for quality and durability. They are easily removable for cleaning and made from heavy gauge 304 stainless steel.

See Our Yakitori Grill In Action!

Naturally, all of our Yakitori grills can be placed on a typical kitchen equipment table; another option if the grill station is going to be placed in the front of the house, we recommend our signature elegant style Yakitori grill work station. This beautiful and functional piece has room for charcoal storage or a trash can. Check out our yakitori accessories page for more information.

If you would like to sign up for  a demonstration class, give us a https://wildwoodovens.com/contact/

-Available in 2 sizes
-304 Stainless steel construction
-Dual Fuel for charcoal and gas grilling
-Triple insulated firebox keeps exterior cool
-Removable ash/drip drawer
-Stainless steel charcoal rack included
-Skewer holders included
-Optional Accessories include: S/S Food Grill, Ceramic Briquettes, and elevated skewer holder

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Additional information

Weight 350 lbs
Dimensions 30 × 25 × 25 in

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