Robata Stone


Wildwoods Robata Stone is hand-carved from Blue Limestone. This truly unique piece is ideally placed on a table where diners can gather around a central fire and casually grill meats and vegetables. Fired by Binchotan charcoal, this grill features a stainless steel skewer rack. This rack has two height adjustments and is designed for 6″ skewers, or you can use our grilling rack.

Outer Dimensions:  48 x 16 x 7 ” H

Grill Dimensions:     17 x 6″ with 3 Elevations






A New Approach to Robata…

Wildwoods Robata Stone is the ultimate combination of form and function. Beautiful to look at when passing, but even more when slow down and sit around the fire. Designed to sit on a table, and fired by high-quality binchotan charcoal. We prefer premium binchotan charcoal due to its low smoke, high Btu, and longevity.  This Robata stone provides casual fire-side grilling of meats and vegetables, this grill is for the discerning chef who appreciates fine art.

Carved from solid rock, each of Wildwood’s Robata stones is one of a kind.  Each stone is selected by our craftsman, and no two are alike. In today’s World of disposable grills, this stone grill will stand the test of time. They already have! Most of our stones are over 200 million years old.

Our Stones.

Blue Limestone from the Utah subsoil, is a natural, authentic material whose origins date back 350 million years when our regions were submerged by a tropical sea. Through sedimentation, the fossilized aquatic fauna -crinoids- and flora have become a homogeneous and very compact limestone rock. Each piece features unique inclusions in the stone. Find your fossilized crinoid!

Less is More!

Simple in design, but under the surface our grill offers a high-tech insulated firebox, With fire tiles rated for over 2000 F degrees. A venturi port allows fresh air to be drawn in the combustion chamber. Another feature is the use of a durable 304 stainless steel elevation rack, with 3 elevation settings. Think about how beautiful this would look in your home, and how much your family and friends will appreciate gathering around the “stone”.

Think about preparing a simple platter of fine meats and vegetables set out for diners to decide what they would like to taste, and subsequently cook.

Think about the unforgettable memories that will be formed by gathering, sharing, and eating delicious freshly prepared food.

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Additional information

Weight 400 lbs
Dimensions 60 × 24 × 12 in