Parrilla grill

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  • argentinian style grilllArgentine Style Grill

    Argentine Grill

    Parrilla Grill 72 Authentic Argentine Parrilla Grill

    Measures 72 x 39 x 79″ H

    Weight 1544 Lbs

    Folding Shelf
    Ash Drawer
    9 Pan Cut Out
    Enclosed Side Walls

    Parrilla 72 Line Drawing

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  • Wood GrillParrilla C 672

    Parrilla 672 C

    Parrilla 672 C  Professional Wood Fired Grill

    Space Saving Alternative For Smaller Kitchens

    Dimensions:   63 x 27.5 x 33.5″ H

    Weight:  294 Lbs

    Material: 304 Stainless Steel

    Download Line Drawing

    Parrilla 672 Line Drawing


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  • Parrilla GrillParrilla Grill

    Parrilla Grill 60

    Wildwood Makes installing the ultimate Argentine Parrilla Grill simple. This plug and play model will role into to your restaurant in minuets and be ready for service. If your looking for the ultimate Parrilla Grill for your home this is it. This Parrilla requires no masonry construction, just place and cook.

    304 stainless steel construction
    60 W x 38 X 74 H
    Weight 1279 LBS

    Professional Parrilla Cut Sheet

    Parrilla 60 Line Drawing

    Watch the Video Trailer Now.

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  • Santa Maria Grill 690Santa Maria Grill Professional

    Santa Maria Style Grill Modular Professional Wood Fired Grill

    Santa Maria Grill  Modular Professional Grill
    Modular Grilling System

    Modular Grill Sizes – 24″ – 74 Inches. See Specifications
    Modular Fire Box Sizes – 19- 32″
    Santa Maria Specifications

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  • wood ironed grillwood ironed grille

    Argentine Grill Combo Parrilla

    Argentinean Grill Combo 78–   (Shown With All Options)

    Overall Dimensions: 78 x 32 x 66″ H
    Parrilla 39 ” Width  x 24 ” Depth
    Brazilian Rotisserie 30 x 18 x 26 ” H
    Lateral Skewer 36 ” L
    Folding Shelf 78″ X 10″

    Download Argentinean Grill Combo Parrilla Technical Specifications Here

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