argentina style bbq grill

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  • Combo Grill Drop InArgentine Combo Grill

    Argentine Combo Grill Drop In Model

    Wildwood Argentine Combo Drop-in Grill

    7 – Skewers – 12″ Central Fire Box and 23″ Parrilla Grill

    Dimensions:   58 x 26 x 22″ H

    Combo Drop-In Grill Specifications

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  • Brazilian Charcoal Rotisserie BBQcharcoal rotisserie grill

    Brazilian Charcoal Rotisserie Grill BBQ 35 Skewer

    Brazilian  Charcoal Rotisserie Grill BBQ 35 Skewer

    Suitable for up to 125 seat restaurant.

    Heavy duty swivel locking wheels

    Durable construction designed for the most punishing conditions.

    Fuel Type: Charcoal

    Measures:  59 x 33 x 66″ H

    Weight : 1200

    Voltage: 120v

    NSF Certified

    Includes 1 set of Skewers.

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