Commercial BBQs and Grills

Commercial BBQs and Grills – Professional Grade

We are proud to offer a wide selection of Commercial BBQs and Grills: Brazilian BBQs, Japanese Yakitori, Argentine Parilla, and the traditional Built-in Grills for the Restaurant, Home and Garden. Each product is designed to bring authentic flavor and tradition of barbecuing. Our BBQs are manufactured locally using only high quality materials, fabricated with solid craftsmanship, and undergone rigorous testing to bring you the best. Share the unique experience of cooking with one of our BBQs and join us in spreading the good life. Are you getting ready to start a kitchen project? We also offer design services and customization option to fit your spatial needs, case by case. We can help you find the right equipment, style, and layout, as well as make your construction fast and simple. Check out our COMPLETE SOLUTIONS page for further detail. Our showroom located in the heart of Los Angeles, includes a test kitchen where an interested party can test drive our BBQs and accessories and even take a cooking class! We offer a comprehensive, one-stop shop for your convenience.

  • Wood GrillParrilla C 672

    Parrilla 672 C

    Parrilla 672 C  Professional Wood Fired Grill

    Space Saving Alternative For Smaller Kitchens

    Dimensions:   63 x 27.5 x 33.5″ H

    Weight:  294 Lbs

    Material: 304 Stainless Steel

    Download Line Drawing

    Parrilla 672 Line Drawing


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  • Rotisserie Parrilla Combo Grill

    Rotisserie Parrilla Combo

    Features 11 skewer Rotisserie with Parrilla Grill

    Overall Dimensions            51 x 31 x 67″H

    Parrilla Dimensions            20″ Wide

    Rotisserie Dimensions      30″ Wide

    120 Volt Rotisserie

    Custom Sizes Available

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  • Parrilla GrillParrilla Grill

    Parrilla Grill 60

    Wildwood Makes installing the ultimate Argentine Parrilla Grill simple. This plug and play model will role into to your restaurant in minuets and be ready for service. If your looking for the ultimate Parrilla Grill for your home this is it. This Parrilla requires no masonry construction, just place and cook.

    304 stainless steel construction
    60 W x 38 X 74 H
    Weight 1279 LBS

    Professional Parrilla Cut Sheet

    Parrilla 60 Line Drawing

    Watch the Video Trailer Now.

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  • Yakitori GrillYakitori Grill Restaurant

    Dual-Fuel Yakitori & Robata Grill 40 Dbl-Wide

    Wildwoods Charcoal and or gas yakitori / yakiniku grill/ Robata grill  provide the best option for restaurant versatility. Separate burners and individual gas valves allow for maximum control over temperature. With a minimum btu output of 70,000 BTU cooking is fast and efficient. Grill areas that can be divided into two zones provide the chef with unparalleled versatility.

    -304 Stainless steel construction
    -Dual Fuel for charcoal and gas grilling
    -Triple insulated fire box keeps exterior cool
    -Removable ash/drip drawer
    -Stainless steel charcoal rack included
    -Skewer holders included
    -Optional Accessories include: S/S Food Grill, Ceramic Briquettes, and elevated skewer holder

    *specifications are subject to change
    Our Japanese Yakitori Grill can be custom built to fit your specific needs.
    For Customer Service, call 323-202-7964 Monday through Friday, 9-5pm (PST).

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  • yakitori grill dual fuelYakitori Grill Restaurant

    Dual-Fuel Dbl-Wide Robata Grill 24 Charcoal / Gas Fuel Source

    Wildwoods Dual-Fuel Dbl-Wide Grill 24 grill allows for high density cooking  where limited  space is a factor. Small footprint, big performance! Our  smaller model  is great for restaurants that are not entirely focused on yakitori grilling. Like all of our dual fuel models, it  can burn either charcoal and  gas or both simultaneously. This Hybrid allows for easy ignition of charcoal, and rapid heating of ceramic briquettes. Made entirely of 304 stainless steel, and triple insulated for operator comfort.

    Download Product Specifications

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  • Yakitori Grill

    Dual Fuel Yakitori & Robata Grill 24 For Restaurant

    External Length: 27”
    External Width: 15”
    External Height: 12” plus 4″ legs, 16″total
    Grill Length: 18”
    Grill Width: 6”
    Grill Depth: 4.5”

    Download Product Specifications

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  • BBQ trailer

    Brazilian Charcoal Catering BBQ Trailer

    Take the show on the road with Wildwood’s Mobile Brazilian Churrasco BBQ Trailer. Fill the pit with charcoal, start a fire and away you go!

    Each bbq catering trailer features a rotating system, constructed with durable cast iron gears and a shielded speed reducer, for increased control over rotating foods. This Argentine grill kit is designed to cook numerous cuts of beef, chicken, sausages, ribs, fowl, and game meats. Spits rotate constantly, allowing the meats to self-baste over an open flame. These units do the work for you!

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