Dual-Fuel Yakitori Grill 40 Dbl-Wide


Wildwoods Charcoal and or gas yakitori / yakiniku grill  provide the best option for restaurant versatility. Separate burners and individual gas valves allow for maximum control over temperature. With a minimum btu output of 70,000 BTU cooking is fast and efficient. Grill areas that can be divided into two zones provide the chef with unparalleled versatility.

-304 Stainless steel construction
-Dual Fuel for charcoal and gas grilling
-Triple insulated fire box keeps exterior cool
-Removable ash/drip drawer
-Stainless steel charcoal rack included
-Skewer holders included
-Optional Accessories include: S/S Food Grill, Ceramic Briquettes, and elevated skewer holder

*specifications are subject to change
Our Japanese Yakitori Grill can be custom built to fit your specific needs.
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Wildwood the leader in Japanese style yakitori grills is setting the standard with our hybrid yakitori grill. Our dual-fuel  yakitori grill  40 Dbl – wide allows for both charcoal and or gas cooking with a larger grill area. This model of grill essentially doubles the amount of skewer territory over our standard yakitori grill 40″ model. Using roughly the same foot print as our standard Yakitori grill 40″ model this is great option for increasing output.

lighting the charcoal is easy with the built in gas burner. If you want to cook with only charcoal, just turn off the gas after it has been ignited. Charcoal ignition takes 10-15 minuets. No more using separate charcoal starter pans. And of course another added benefit is you can have two distinct zones. The front and back operating at 2 different temperatures, and Cooking with 2 different fuel sources. For example the front zone you could use charcoal and cook at 1200F (648C) and the back zone use our ceramic briquets and cook at 700F(371C). This gives the chef maximum control and versatility.

Another option is to use only ceramic briquets. Additionally we have several alternate elevation racks of various designs to allow even more control. See our accessories section for options.

Simple to use and easy to clean. Removable bottom tray catches drippings and or ashes. Our yakitori burners are setting new standards for quality and durability. They are easily removable for cleaning and made from heavy guage 304 stainless steel.

Naturally, all of our yakitori grills can be placed on a standard 27″ High kitchen equipment table, Another option if the grill station is going to be placed in the front of the house we recommend our signature elegant styled yakitori grill island. This beautiful and functional piece has room charcoal storage or trash can, built in sauce wells and drawers for utensils. Check out our yakitori accessories page for more information.

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Additional information

Weight 397 lbs
Dimensions 45 x 25 x 24 in

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