Brazilian Grill

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  • Residential Brazilian Charcoal BBQ 9 Skewer

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  • Residential Brazilian Charcoal BBQ

    Residential Brazilian Charcoal BBQ RC11 Drop in Unit

    Residential Brazilian Charcoal BBQ RC11 Drop-in Unit.
    This unique grill does not require masonry and can be incorporated into traditional base cabinetry.

    Available Sizes- 7-9-11 Skewers

    Dimensions: 31″W x 33″ D

    Made From 304 Stainless Steel

    Voltage: 120v

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  • Santa Maria Grill M 702Santa Maria Grill

    Santa Maria Grill M 702 with Burn Basket

    Santa Maria Grill M 702  Professional Grade with Burn Basket

    Traditional grill with a side-mounted wheel elevation system is a great alternative to our Brazilian grill.

    Grill:  35″ x 21 3/4″ + 16″ Fire Basket

    INSTALLATION:          Masonry.

    MATERIAL:              Stainless Steel 304,  carbon steel fire basket

    GRILL SYSTEM:          Grill with manual height control


    Download Parrilla M 702 Spec Sheet

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  • Fogo de Chao BBQBrazilian BBQ

    Fogo de Chao BBQ Pit (Fire on the Ground) Show BBQ

    Fogo de Chao Ground Pit Show BBQ

    Skewers                           5 Rotisserie skewers
    Fuel Source                       Charcoal / Wood
    Exterior                          48 inches
    Base Height                       24 inches
    Height total:                     75 inches
    Fire pit diameter:           18 inches
    Fire pit depth :                  12 inches
    Length of skewer:            40 inches

    Dowload Specifications For Fogo De Chao GP5

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