Wood Fired Catering Oven


Take the show on the road with our beautiful wood-fired catering ovens. Our mobile pizza ovens are perfect for catering events and home parties. Wildwoods Gold Standard Oven. The Toscano copper cupola catering oven combines copper’s elegance and timeless beauty to create a high-performance professional oven.

Wood-Fired Catering Oven:

Size: 42“ Interior Diameter
Dimensions: 72″″ tall, 54″ wide, 57″ deep
Capacity: 5-14″ Pizzas
Average output per hr at 800F Degrees 30-90 Pizzas ( Neopolitan style)
Weight: 1560 lbs
Cladding: Copper / 304 Stainless Steel
Wheels: Combined weight capacity 1800lbs. (Smooth operation on Hard surfaces)
Storage Cabinet: 1080 Cubic Inches
Tool Drawer: 24″ x 42” (Conveniently located to keep oven tools at hands reach)

Used by popular resorts, this high-performance oven heats up incredibly fast. On average this model will heat to a temperature of 800-900 F in about 60 minutes with as little as 7 pieces of wood.


Wildwoods professional Wood Fired Catering Oven has many great features.
This well thought out design uses heavy duty swivel locking non-marking wheels. These amazing wheels allow the oven to roll effortlessly over hard surfaces. Moving the oven is easy with large stainless steel grab handles installed on two sides. Directly under the oven is large 24 x 42-inch deep tool shelf. This is ideal for storing pizza peels, oven brushes, and ash shovels. Additionally, the oven has a large vented storage area. This area is perfect for storing firewood, cooler chest, ash buckets oven accessories and any other related items you will be using. The double access doors allow for quick access while promoting a clean look.

Our Wood Fired Catering oven includes a chimney system that consists of a 12 inch fixed section and a removable 24″ section with a chimney cap and sparks arrestor.  To keep thing flexible the chimney on the mobile catering oven can be extended to any length to accommodate a variety of applications. Our chimney system is UL listed and clad with stainless steel. This oven can be ordered with our signature radial gas burner. This burner conforms to the circumference of the oven and allows chefs more yet another option to supplement cooking with wood.

– Double Insulated Hearth and Dome.
– Large Grab handles make moving easy.
– Removable stainless steel door.
– Charming Cupola design exudes simplistic style and elegance.
– Optional gas burner available.Wood Fired Catering Oven

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Weight 1800 lbs
Dimensions 64 × 64 × 72 in

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