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  • Brazilian BBQ CartCatering Brazilian BBQ

    Catering Brazilian BBQ

    Catering Brazilian BBQ Features

    Charcoal Fired
    Fold Out Shelf
    Ash Drawer
    All Terrain Tires
    3 Galleries
    38 Rotating Skewers
    Electric Side Lift Grill
    Steering Mechanism With Brake

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  • Wood Fired Catering OvenWood Fired Catering Oven

    Wood Fired Catering Oven

    Take the show on the road with our beautiful GENTLY USED wood fired catering ovens. Our mobile pizza ovens are perfect for catering events and home parties. Wildwoods Gold Standard Oven. The Toscano copper cupola catering oven combines the elegance and timeless beauty of copper to create a high-performance professional oven.

    Wood Fired Catering Oven : FLOOR MODEL.

    Size: 42“ Interior Diameter
    Dimensions: 72″″ tall, 54″ wide, 57″ deep
    Capacity: 5-14″ Pizzas
    Average output per hr at 800F Degrees 30-90 Pizzas ( Neopolitan style)
    Weight: 1560 lbs
    Cladding: Copper / 304 Stainless Steel
    Wheels: Combined weight capacity 1800lbs. (Smooth operation on Hard surfaces)
    Storage Cabinet: 1080 Cubic Inches
    Tool Drawer: 24″ x 42” (Conveniently located to keep oven tools at hands reach)

    Used by popular resorts, this high-performance oven heats up incredibly fast. On average this model will heat to a temperature of 800-900 F in about 60 minutes with as little as 7 pieces of wood.

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