Outdoor Kitchen Drawer Module

Outdoor Kitchen Drawer Module
36 ” W X 30″ D X 35″ H
Suitable for Drawer Widths 24″ 36″ Wide
Euro Style Legs




Outdoor Kitchen Drawer Module

This tube steel storage drawer module is a must-have in any outdoor kitchen. There are several variations of outdoor kitchen storage drawers that will fit nicely in this module. The most popular choice is 2 or 3 drawers stacked.  Another great option is the door/drawer combination unit. These are designed with pull-out drawers with an adjacent swinging cabinet access door. This is convenient for storing large bulky items such as appliances, bags of charcoal, seat cushions, and more.

Wildwoods 36″ outdoor kitchen storage drawer module will fit 30″ inch wide drawers. Perfect for holding utensils and smaller kitchen gadgets, this outdoor kitchen storage drawer module is a must-have in your kitchen.

As with all our kitchen modules, sizes can be adjusted to fit your unique kitchen space. The key here is Widwoods flexibility to adjust each outdoor kitchen island to fit any design criteria.

The benefits of Wildwood’s factory-built kitchens are ten-fold, socially distanced construction means no daily obtrusion into your home by construction workers. Not to say the absence of dust, trash, noise. Our kitchens install hours versus what can be many months with traditional construction methods. Once our kitchen modules are placed on your patio or deck, they are simply secured and finished with the element of choice, be it tile, plaster, stone, or brick.

Prewired Electrical Outlets

One really great feature of our Outdoor kitchen storage drawer modules is the option to have a 6″ backsplash with integrated electrical outlets. We also pre-wire for appliances such as refrigeration, BBQ grills, side burners, and more. Often all that is required is a field connection by your local electrician.



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