Triple Storage Drawers 13″


Storage Drawer Features:

Self-latching, and 100 lbs. capacity, full extension slides.
Extra deep drawers for oversized utensils
Superior welding and finish
One-piece front frame for precision alignment
Flush handle design with hi-polished accents


Wildwoods premium line of outdoor products is style-driven in a big way. Our line of products is hands down the best looking on the market. When you are ready to build your outdoor kitchen and quality and style matter, our line is for you.

Wildwoods Double Storage Drawers 13″ is from our family of outdoor kitchen products and kitchen storage drawers. Our line features elegant style and durable construction that combine to create the best drawers money can buy. The drawers are open and close like a dream. The drawer slides incorporate a soft-close system so they are gently close with little effort.

More importantly, our products are impressive for what you don’t see. No clunky handles and no visible hinges. no ugly face frames.



Additional information

Weight 75 lbs
Dimensions 25 × 20 × 20 in

TE-SD133-B, 13" Triple Storage Drawers, TE-SD193-B, 19" Triple Storage Drawers