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Roma Wood Fired Oven


Small footprint. Big performance. If all you want to do is cook the best tasting  pizza in a limited space, this oven is for you. Great for indoor installations with limited space, this professional grade wood fired oven heats up fast to 900F in an hour or less.  Cook authentic Neapolitan pizzas in 60-90 seconds.  This oven takes up about as much space as a built in wall oven. Now you can have it all!

Wildwoods Roma wood fired oven kit is the perfect compromise for the chef who wants to install a genuine wood fired oven, but doesn’t have the space necessary to construct a large oven . Wildwood makes it easy to build a pizza oven. Made from Wildwoods proprietary refractory concrete formula which uses “HEAT PILLOW” technology. These “pillows” act as tiny sponges to to absorb and hold heat for hours, thus improving the performance ten fold! The Roma is based on the ancient ROMAN style tunnel ovens and has a footprint of only 30″ square, perfect for 2 – 8 ” pizzas or 1 -12″ pizzas. Want to make loafs of bread? No problem, This authentic wood fired oven will give superb results . It can be installed easily indoors, and will fit on most countertops. If you don’t have a wood burning pizza oven in your home or outdoor kitchen… what are you waiting for? If you're looking for a real wood stone oven look look no further. The ultimate cooking experience begins here.

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Product Description

Wildwoods modern computer modeled  professional grade ovens. Designed for ultra high performance. Our Roma wood fired oven is made by blending the highest quality American made refractory elements and using state of the art process and yes, it is even certified by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) for safety and peace of mind.

Whats in a shape? Everything!

The ROMA wood fired oven shape is timeless and perfectly symmetrical and  our Roma oven is designed with smooth arching interior walls and coupled with a nice door to dome ratio. The oven design is based on the Roman bread ovens still found in many parts of rural France. Wildwood brings you this efficient design in a compact, quick heating, refractory oven.

Our proprietary refractory concrete formula which uses our famous  “HEAT PILLOW” technology. These “pillows” act as tiny sponges to to absorb and hold heat for hours, this creates unparalleled  performance and 10 X value! Includes our famous baking hearth which uses large format baking tiles that are food safe.

We offer complete line of pre-made metal stands and oven enclosures, to simplify and accelerate the installation process. These Roma wood fired oven stands are made of heavy duty welded tube steel, so you know they are strong! These stands are the logical choice for installing our oven on wood decks and interior floors.

We also offer chimney kits and any related venting part you will ever need. Talk to one of our sales engineers for help selecting a venting system.
When you’re ready to build a pizza oven with superior performance to a brick by brick method give us a call. This oven assembles in an hour or less and includes zero headaches.

Wildwood offers installation service for ovens! Let us do what do best! If you would like to receive a formal estimate, detailing the cost of the oven and shipping to your home or job site.

Wildwood offers INSTALLATION SERVICE for ovens! Let us do, what we do best!

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