Pizza Oven Stand with Gas Burner Installed

Pizza Oven Stand with Gas Burner Installed
Available for all our oven stands.


Pizza Oven Stand with Gas Burner Installed

Wildwood fabricates Pizza Oven Stands with Gas Burners Installed. This is a convenient option when you use our pizza oven with a gas burner.

Wildwood has pizza oven gas burners available for all wood fired pizza ovens. Having a gas burner really simplifies the process of heating up your pizza oven. This accessory takes the hassle out of starting a fire in your oven. With the push of a button, your burner will ignite in a matter of seconds. If you choose our ” E series ” pizza oven burner you can set the desired temperature from 200 F to 800 F degrees. Once the temperature is set on the included control panel the burner will turn on and off as necessary to maintain the desired temperature. This is accomplished by the use of a built-in temperature probe that is included with the E series burners only. This probe is mounted to the left or right side of the oven door approximately 8 ” above the hearth. The probe will regulate the heat of the oven and will display the temperature on and the control box mounted in the front base of the oven. Another great benefit of the E series burners is the ” Turbo boost ” button. This button, when activated, will put the burner into overdrive to quickly create a more powerful flame for rapid heating.

The E series burner will require a 120-volt plug, while our M series gas burner for the pizza oven only requires a battery to operate the igniter. This is a great option if there is no power available in the vicinity of your pizza oven. But keep in mind, the M series does not have any of the advanced features of the E series burners.

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