Outdoor Refrigerator Module

Refrigerator Module  – 30″ W x 30″D x 35″H

This refrigerator module is designed to fit refrigerators 24-27″ wide.



Outdoor Kitchen Refrigerator

Wildwoods Outdoor Kitchen Refrigerator Module is one of our most popular kitchens modules. What’s an outdoor kitchen with-out refrigeration?

Our factory-built, socially distanced fabrication eliminates construction fatigue and all the discomforts of having a workman on your property for days on end. Simply place our modules on your patio or deck, fasten in place, and finish to your taste.

These modules often work in concert with our Pizza Oven Stand By flanking the right and left side. They are also great when using our Corner Pizza Oven Stand  

Additional information

Weight 320 lbs
Dimensions 48 × 48 × 36 in