Brazilian BBQ Accessories

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  • Chicken SkewerChicken Skewer 2

    Chicken Skewer

    Chicken Skewer

    Overall length 28″

    Usable length  18″




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  • Brazilian BBQ Skewer

    Beef Rib Skewer

    Wildwoods Brazilian Beef Rib Skewer thee authentic churrasco skewers are used by the top Brazilian steak houses in the world. We offer a complete line, for what ever you have in mind…

    Total length from handle to tip 28″

    Usable length on the blade  16″

    Blade width is 7/8 “

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  • Brazilian BBQ Skewer

    Brazilian BBQ Skewer Medium

    Overall length 28″

    Usable length 18″

    Aluminum Handle

    304 Stainless Steel

    16 MM wide

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  • bbq rotisserie skewer

    Thin Skewer

    The blade of this BBQ Rotisserie Skewer is 10 mm wide.

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  • Brazilian BBQ Skewer

    Triple Fork Skewer

    Triple Fork Skewer

    This skewer has three blades: the middle one is a regular barbecue skewer, and both side blades are in ¼ round stainless steel and 6mm thick.

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  • Brazilian Goucher Skewer

    Grande Triple Fork Skewer

    This Brazilian Goucher Skewer has three blades: the middle one is a beef rib skewer, and both side blades are in ¼ round stainless steel and 6mm thick.

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  • Brazilian BBQ Skewer

    Dual Fork Skewer w/Aluminum Handle

    This is a double skewer, non-rotary, made in ¼ round stainless steel and 6mm thick.

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  • Pig PanPig Pan

    Pig Pan

    When roasting large cuts of meat in your wood fired oven we suggest our  Pig Pan. This professional grade suckling pig pan is made to exacting standards From 11 gauge  304 stainless steel. A Wildwood original, this product also works as a Tandoor pan . Other uses include using it as a roasting pan in underground cooking pits. The large handles make it very easy to lower and raise.

    Dimensions: 24″L x 15″W x 3″D Weight: 20 lbs.


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  • marshmallow tree

    The Marshmallow Tree

    Its time to s’mores some more’s with our marshmallow tree.  This whimsical design allows you to roast 10 yummy marshmallows at once, perfect for sharing and making friends!

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  • dough cutter

    Dough Cutter w/ Plastic Handle

    A very useful tool, not just for dividing dough. This tool can also be used for scraping your cutting board to remove excess flour or dough. Great for scooping up and moving chopped toppings. A must-have in your kitchen arsenal.

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  • Carousel Skewer

    Carousel Skewer

    This rotating carousel skewer is excellent for large gatherings and can accommodate up to 6 stainless steel or standard wood/bamboo kebob skewers simultaneously. 6 stainless steel kebob skewers included.

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  • Basket Skewer

    Basket Skewer

    This rotating basket skewer is excellent for fish, chicken and/or vegetables.

    Proper application: fish, chicken, vegetables.

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  • Brazilian Ground Skewer

    Churrasco/Asado Ground Skewer

    Perfect for cooking whole primal beef ribs , baby lamb and goat, whole sucking pigs.

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  • meat carving knife

    Brazilian Meat Carving Knife

    The 10 inch ice-hardened stainless steel blade, sharpens easily and holds an edge well. A polypropylene handle provides comfort and safety. For use with all cuts of meat.
    The choice of professionals. NSF Certified

    Meat Carving Knife

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  • Skewer Serving Board

    Brazilian Skewer Serving Board

    Allow servers to carry skewers of meats from barbeque to table in style with our authentic Brazilian skewer serving board. Captures meat drippings while making the process of tableside carving easy and elegant.
    Lightweight and durable. Dishwasher safe.

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  • Meat Carving Station

    Meat Carving Station

    Details are everything! Create the ultimate dining experience with Wildwood Ovens & BBQs Meat Carving Station.
    Fashioned from fine French Oak Barrels, hand hammered and tooled copper banding adds a touch of class.

    Includes stainless drip tray and custom meat display cutting boards.

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